Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Fashion in today’s date is superfast and constantly evolving. You need to be in touch with social media, fashion magazines and so on, to keep yourself up with the fashion trends. Nowadays, we are observing some retrograde fashion trends. From Victorian-era clothing, to pinstripes, everything is coming back. 

One monumental trend that has made its giant comeback is hats. Rocking hats under the sun and even under the night sky has become tremendously popular especially since 2020. From Rihanna to Kylie, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Rafael Nadal- hats are donned by everyone. But not everybody knows, how to pair them with the attire for the day, and we have seen many fashion blunders since the uprising of hats. Therefore, we are coming with a guide to pair your attire according to your headgear, especially during the upcoming summer madness. 

Style the hat according to your hair texture

You are blissfully mistaken if you think hats like a stetson cowboy hats are solely for extreme wavy hair or those with extremely straight hair. A pastel-colored drawstring hat looks great with curls. Here’s how you can accessorize your look. Curl your hair and divide it into two pieces at the side part. Finish it off with your beloved Panama hat. 

If you want to go for the short spirals style, just let your hair hang loose and accentuate with jeans, a tie, and a colorful bucket hat. If your lengthy curls bother you, form a single bun or a top knot, and leave a few strands free in front if you want. You may also take a few thin strands and plait or braid them if you have long hair, leaving the rest of your curls natural and wild. Wear a sun hat, and you’re now a living trend.

Pair your hats with classic clothes: 

You may get a pioneer-style by wearing leather, such as jacket and trousers, and completing the outfit with a tiger-print or croc-skin hat. Combine it with washed denim, elegant shoes, and a pair of vintage wayfarer or aviator black sunglasses. 

Go for loungewear or even beachwear: 

The new swag of clothing on the street is loungewear. It has steadily snuck out of your beds and is strutting along the street as never before. Yes, you’re thinking correctly. Hats go great with loungewear as well. You may easily pull off a trendy appearance by combining your favorite loungewear with your languid, unkempt braids and a cloche hat or a baseball hat for that matter. These hats are an excellent way to add a splash of color to your swimwear or bathing robes as well. 

Pair your hat with layered clothing: 

Although this is more appropriate for winters, summer comes with lengthy summer holidays. You can take a vacation to different hill stations and pair your hat with layered clothing as well. It will add finesse to your look and pairing it with layered clothing like an overcoat, tank top combo and lightly tattered denims is just a dream. Wear dark colored boots to ramp the lookup. 

Hats with oversized and body grabbing clothing: 

Denim shorts and oversized sweaters paired with a casual soft jacket and a bucket hat – This aesthetic is a joy to master. The comfy, relaxed look is so appealing that you will need to stay in it all day. If you test this look soon, you will notice that running errands has never looked so simple! Do not forget to wear a shade with this look. A slightly over-the top-up shade is a great option. 

But do not wear polarized ones; classic black or smudged green is the best. A floppy hat looks excellent with short skirts as well. Wear a turtleneck sweater, your favorite skating skirt, vintage boots, and a beautiful cowboy hat. Make a bun or two basic braids on your hair. Alternatively, simply let your hair fly in the breeze. Nobody can go by without looking up in wonder.

Pair with the summer florals: 

Pattern blending is a skill that few people have mastered. If done correctly, an accessory may be tough to choose. Try a multicolored skirt or leggings with a little printed blouse and a fisherman’s hat. The colors create a stunning symphony with so many patterns and mixing and matching. Wear an uptight summer dress with flowery designs or just flecks of bright colors with a fleece hat. 

Hats were initially designed to keep the sun from your eyes and face. So, utilize them correctly. After all, summertime is more than simply the weather. It will enhance your summer look by making it elegant, refreshing, and informal. 

So, these were some tips and tricks related to styling your hats according to wardrobe and your getup. We hope that these will help you outshine outdoors during summertime and flaunt yourself beautifully.