Sat. May 18th, 2024

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic uses in the United States in 2018 has opened up a whole new industry that is growing exponentially today. Before we get into the growth story, it is important to first understand how an ingredient that was banned till recently, functions within a legal framework. Cannabis was always known to be a substance that contains psychoactive properties that can alter the mind of a user. However, research has shown that there are about 100 different types of extracts in a cannabis plant and many of these do not contain psychoactive properties. One such extract is cannabidiol or CBD, which is driving the cannabis-based industry but it is very difficult to access cannabis business funding in Mississippi. 

CBD has proven to be a wonderful ingredient in the short time that it has been available in the market. It is a critical ingredient in many alternative wellness products offering nature-based solutions to treat pain and inflammation, heart disease and diabetes, among many others. Of course there is a lot more research and trial required to formally establish the healing abilities of CBD but the popularity of CBD based therapeutic products cannot be overlooked. The demand is consistent and that is directly related to quality and efficacy of the products. Hence, some alternative lenders are offering business funding in Mississippi to run such a business. 

Do you need the funding for your manufacturing business? 

Private label manufacturing of alternative wellness supplements is driving growth in the CBD-based supplements industry. They operate with scores of wholesalers, resellers and retailers all of whom depend on consistent quality and delivery but interruptions in workflow is a part of business. 

If you are facing difficulties in meeting higher demand due to limited capacity, you can always look for equipment funding in Mississippi and procure the necessary equipment to increase production. Alternative healthcare supplements business is a fast-growing market and every growth opportunity should be utilized fully.   

Are you facing a shortage of cash in your wholesale business?

If you are into wholesaling alternative wellness products, you would know about the challenges of operating with a depleted inventory in a demand-driven market. At the same time, you have your retailer customers clamoring for more and more CBD-infused products, which may or may not be available easily. 

As a wholesaler, you know the importance of your customers, the retailers who bring you business. It won’t take them long to move on to the next wholesalers if they do not find the products they want at your store. When you run short of cash, to restock your inventory, you start wondering, “How can I get business funding near me?”

Even though CBD is that extract of the cannabis plant that doesn’t contain psychoactive compounds, the regulations for CBD-based products are still being developed as it is a work in progress. In such circumstances, most lenders would back off from funding your cannabis business but there are some that will oblige you. When you seek business credit from a company like Alternative Funding Group, you can rest assured about fast and easy funding. Please visit for more information.