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As we all have experienced and witnessed now, the online world that we incorporate into our lives keeping on improving as well as growing substantially. Due to this, we are even comfortable enough to buy and sell online as well. Though buying a product is a piece of cake, selling a product can be rather tough. Reasons could be, your product might be available in another store at a lower price, or it could be the sheer crowd of many online stores and outlets that are available for people. Due to such reasons, your business could flop or you may experience a drop in your user count or even you maybe not getting traffic to your site.

And that’s why you mustn’t worry, as we are here to show you to successfully gain traffic to your site and also money to your wallet, without you spending a single penny. So here are some of the tips that you follow, to effectively and also definitely gain traffic to your site.


Before you start to create and market your product, it is very important and is highly necessary that you identify your target audience. You must identify what sort of tastes to they have, and what sort of people would be buying your product and also how are you able to reach these potential customers. For that, give your profile an identity and collect these data about your audience.

The primary things that customer’s profile would have is their basic information and likes and dislikes. Age, income, location, job title and hobbies are some of the basic info, while behavior, personality type, living lifestyle and where he/she hangs out to gain information and buy are some of the deeper details, that will greatly help you. After gathering all of this information, you can now plan out how you would differentiate your products from your competitors as well as your audience, resonating it to them.


To grab the attention of your customers, you must communicate with them emotionally. It is seen that once you set off that emotional trigger in them, they are encouraged to buy your products. One of the best ways to see and analyze is buy reading the comments in social media platforms or websites or forums. You can also see in the customer profile about their personality and behavior, allowing you to judge the person and provide appropriately.

As can example, your customers are unhappy with the shipping fee of some certain product. So, seeing this comment, if you able to afford a lower shipping cost, them change it and mention it in your page that the fee has being decreased. You can search through this high shipping cost fee products, and even create a limited time offer, or a promotion to attract your audience.

Or else you can also evoke a emotional response to your audience by saying that there is an urgency or scarcity in your stock of product to your website. You can do so by displaying countdowns or timers, showing limited stock of certain products or having a clearance sale. By doing so, your audience is provoked to buy the products faster.


Though in a customers POV, having pre-orders is quite troublesome. But as the seller, you must ensure that you grab your audiences’ attention, as well as their interests and demands. By allowing pre-ordering, you are able to sell an item that is not yet available for delivery, making that more desirable for your customers to buy. This massive buzz that is created, creates a massive demand and equal state in terms of cash flow to you. Although, if you are following this strategy there are certain steps that you must consider in order to create the excitement for the products.

Share the story of the product: Have a background story of some sort to the relevant product, such as what kind of a journey it has gone through its production.

Present a reward system: Offer special gifts or coupons to customers or first 50 people pre-ordering or some such. While the rest of the users and also the others would get an additional discount on future purchases.

Get the help of the influencers: Influencers will be able to help generate traffic to your site by collaborating with them or create co-branded posts and products for a limited time in an upcoming launch.


We now know the rough basics of how to see what your customers want and also how to keep the loyal customers and also bring additional new customers to the site. Now we must see, what are the tools that you can use to present and advertise your site. You can always subscribe to a advertisement site or company, but if you’re a person who is money cautious or as a limited source of finance, it will please you to know that you are able to advertise your site with good and amazing quality for free.

For you do so, you must create amazing content assets. By using such assets, you can easily feature your product to instantly grab the attention of your customers. There are several options the you can choose from.

Blog posts




For this to successfully work, you must use your previous strategy of finding out your customers’ needs and wants and behaviors, including the types of content that they interact with daily. Therefore, you need to start with a bang and apply some serious marketing strategies, along with our guidance continuing this article further with the elite marketing strategies and trends.


Rather than reading paragraphs and paragraphs of content, we always like to see them in visual format. It could be presented as images or in video format, whichever it may be, there is a huge impact on your site if you have incorporated images or videos to your site. Now this is because, people love to see and witness things in a pretty and colorful manner, rather than simply written or explained to.

Different colorful images or an entertaining or interesting video, definitely grabs the attention of people, later making them be interested in our product. For example, if you are promoting a new makeup product, you can present the launch in a video format showing content on how it can be applied or for instances is this type of product ideal for the situation.

Even virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) id another form of media that is equally entertaining for the people, as well as interesting. Using such technologies, will no doubt make a huge advantageous impact to your site and as well traffic. This type of technologies can be used to allow the customers to react with the particular service or product, gaining a much more interesting clientele. And also, AR marketing is much more feasible for all as it is less expensive than VR, since VR requires certain equipment to be used, whereas AR would only require a smartphone or a desktop, making it much more accessible to the customers.


The one thing is common for all kinds and types of social media platforms out there is that, they have a huge user base. So, why not take that advantage and apply it for your own brand, service or product. Also, by using social media marketing, you are able to interact with the existing customers and also reach for new ones. Especially a platform such as TikTok, you are able to easily gain a following or even go viral for your videos. By using a social media platform, you are able to gain a user base, build your brand, increase sales and also gain an incredible amount of traffic.


Since marketing or rather digital marketing mainly focuses on visuals rather than text, you must definitely strengthen your visual game and strategies. Therefore, you must heavily invest your time and strategy plans with images, videos, AR or VR technologies. You are able to obtain many materials of images and videos in services such as Unsplash, iStock, Shutterstock and Pexels.

And if you want to edit and change or add some of the materials to whatever the way it want it to, you can free video editing software. Or else, you can always screen recordfrom your phone materials that you think are ideal for your strategy, then you can free screen recording software, that is readily available for you. Your content must contain context that are entertaining, youthful, energetic and also fun. And also be mindful of the illustrations, color palette and all other visual elements that are needed.

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