Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

The construction and manufacturing industries come with more hazards than most jobs. You handle heavy machinery, work at a height and breathe in a lot of dust on site. You need to protect your body from the demands of the construction industry. Personal protective equipment can make a huge difference if you wear and maintain it properly.  You need to clean your PPE regularly and make sure it fits correctly. 


You need to handle the risks on your worksite with the utmost caution. Your physical health should always come first. Here are a few ways to keep your lungs healthy at work. 


Don’t smoke


It’s no secret that smoking is terrible for your lungs. It is the leading cause of lung cancer and can lead to other problems, like gum disease. You should quit smoking, especially if you work in the construction or manufacturing industry. You already work with toxic substances in dusty environments. You need to keep your body healthy and prepared for the work ahead. Vaping can help you stop smoking over time and is far less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. However, the long term risks of vaping are yet to be discovered as they are a relatively new substance.  


Use a mask


A face mask can protect you from the dust and fine particles floating around on site. Woodwork, stonework and construction projects tend to produce a lot of dust. It is very dangerous for your lungs and can lead to long term health conditions. Your employer is obligated by law to protect their workers. They should provide high-quality PPE to your team along with regular health and safety training. You could get a high-grade disposable respirator with a valve as well. 


Go outside 


If you work inside a factory, it is essential to go outside and get some fresh air. Schedule time to go outside and breathe fresh air every day on your break. You could go for a walk on your lunch break to fit in some extra exercise as well. Spending time outdoors will reduce your exposure to indoor air pollutants and keep your lungs healthy. 




You can fit in exercise before or after work. Regular daily activity can improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and much more. Choose an intense activity to get your heart rate up and lungs working hard. 


Protect yourself and your lungs at work.  

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