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Rule 1. Decide your investment horizon and targets for the cost.

Why is this helpful? Firstly, you will not bother about insignificant market changes, comprehending your investment targets (price and time goals). Secondly, you will not do impulsive actions, for instance, as a way out of some situations. Of course, this may be explained, but often you can quit the position during the regular technical correction before the next expansion.

Rule 2. Assortment.

Yes, most cryptocurrencies link enormously with each other, recently even bitcoin authenticated a strong link with the S&P 500 index, but our mission is to get the highest profitability with the least drawdowns. Thus, do not neglect stablecoins, swap cryptocurrencies, or accomplish a backtest of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Rule 3. Pack a portfolio with Bitcoin whales.

The market can be in two levels – imbalance and balance. Looking for packing points, when you see that a level is being garnered, it can be flat or triangles rectifications. The whales garner a position steadily, keeping (as if squeezing) a position in a specific range since the magnitudes of their positions can be very huge. You can find the adequate packing stages using the horizontal volume meter.


How to distribute a portfolio?

In the stock market, as a tradition, you can pack a portfolio proportionally from 1 percent to 5 percent for each class, relying on the threat. In cryptocurrencies, things are distinct, so you must spread the main weight among the leading cryptocurrencies, beginning with Bitcoin.

  • Markowitz method

Harry Markowitz acquired the Nobel Prize for the idea of a contemporary cryptocurrency portfolio. The approach enables you to automatically compute the adequate weight in the portfolio. You can select the adequate weights for your portfolio using the modification section in

  • Rebalancing

Appreciations to intelligent rebalancing, you can improve the profitability of your portfolio. By bearing to the standard allocation of the portfolio, dealing with costly cryptocurrencies, and purchasing sagging, you enable to raise the profitability of your cryptocurrency portfolio management in a developing market. Nevertheless, this is a tough job, manually computing the shares in the portfolios. Skillfully automate this procedure with Holder lab right now.

How to Compute Crypto taxes?

If you require assistance in computing your taxes on crypto as adequately as feasible, you might find several tools to be a blessing. Not only does this kind of software blend seamlessly with multiple famous relations, but it also utilizes the information to provide very complex computations. This tool also assesses parameters such as staking, airdrops, Defi staking rewards, mining, and ICO participation. Its algorithm will compute and give crypto tax solutions and develop tax statements for you. These will simply summarize your realized capital returns and revenue. From there, you can easily import the information into your tax software or pass it to your accountant. This kind of software endorses countries such as Japan, Greece, the UK, Portugal, and many others. Multiple new countries will possibly be appended to the list in the forthcoming years. 

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