Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Statistical information shows that about 86% of internet users gain relevant information about businesses online. This means that your business can benefit significantly from having an online presence. Creating an interactive and informative website is one of doing this. Another strategy is by creating an effective social media presence. Submitting your business details to and joining a business listing website is another effective way to attract and connect to potential customers.

If you are interested in listing your business in an online directory, you may be wondering how you can list your business on multiple websites to find your prospective customers. This article should help you do just that.

Reliable business listing sites you should consider

Before answering the main question, it is vital to consider which reliable apps you should consider listing your business on. Here is a list of a few business listing sites.


Enests is the world’s top business listing site to find top businesses and service providers worldwide. You can read and share reviews and make purchase decisions based on your needs. Enests provides an interactive and easy-to-use listing site for users to connect with the best agencies and businesses to find what they need. You can explore shops and buy by category. There are also subcategories to make it easier to find businesses in different industries.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a highly rated business listing website across the world. Most individuals use Google to search for solutions and companies, so it is practical to list your business there. While it is easy to list on Google My Business, your business might already be listed. So, in that case, you only have to claim it, including some additional details and photos to improve your listing.


Yelp is a great resource and one you should utilise for your business. With approximately 150 million visits every month and nearly 97% of local businesses, there is no question about the platform’s usefulness. Additionally, like a few other platforms, Yelp results also show on Google, which means your business will be visible during a Google search or a search on Yelp. It is vital to spend a few minutes creating your profile and getting some views for your business.

How to get your business listed on multiple sites automatically

It is worth noting that no two listing sites are designed the same, although some may require a similar process to submit your business. However, to guarantee more visibility in search results than just listing in these top business listings, follow the tips below to enhance your reach via mobile or local searches:

  • Make sure your info is consistent
  • Add an excellent description of your business
  • Add a link to your website to drive potential traffic.
  • Claim the listing and add secondary business details such as operating hours, calendar, or menu.
  • Include photos and videos.

In conclusion, choosing the right business listing site is vital for appearing on multiple sites automatically. Fortunately, this article provides some of the most effective listing sites to use and optimize your business for online searches, either mobile or local internet searches.