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This article is regarding How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond? You will track down the means for highway 224 here.

Pokemon Brilliant precious stone is a Pokemon go game delivered in Generation VIII. This game was declared on the 25th commemoration of Pokemon green and red in different nations like the United States ,Canada, and Australia. Splendid precious stone was delivered on 27 February 2021.

Pokemon sparkling pearl was additionally delivered alongside Pokemon splendid jewel. In this article, we will talk about How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond.

About highway 224
There are many spots in Pokemon games that lead players to get new things. These things make the game really intriguing. Numerous regions are hard to access, and highway 224 is one. Highway 224 is alluded to as Sinnoh Region’s small. It is a landmass situated on the island same as Victoria street, towards the east.

Players are looking for the means to highway 224, yet prior to examining the course, players should realize that NPC will discourage the way. To eliminate NPC from the way, you really want to gather the public Pokedex and rout the Elite 4. Thusly, prior to figuring out How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond, we will discuss the public dex.

How to get National Pokedex?
To come to the splendid Pokemon jewel and sparkling pearl highway 224, you really want to open the public dex. Here are the means to get to public Pokedex:-

To get the Pokedex, players more likely than not seen 150 Pokemons in Pokedex Sinnoh. Here Manaphy is discretionary.
Players are not expected to get these Pokemons. They more likely than not watched them through egg incubating or in fight.
Whenever players are finished with these means, they need to show up at the Pokemon research lab in Sandgem Town and talk with Rowan.
After this, the Oak teacher will show up and hand you Pokedex.
How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond?
In the above section, we have examined the means to get a National Pokedex which is important for highway 224. Whenever you have the public dex, make a beeline for Pokemon association utilizing Fly HM. Presently, we should talk about the means towards highway 224:-

Subsequent to arriving at Pokemon association, move towards the cascade and go inside Victoria Road.
Go towards the south, pass the extension. To get down the slope, you can take the assistance of Rock Climb.
From that point forward, you will see the Elder head towards the senior. You will track down the steps, climb the steps and follow the course.
Then, at that point, you will see a NPC hindering the course. As per How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond, you can move further in the steps underneath in the wake of showing public dex.
Then, at that point, you find Marley, who will remain with you until you arrive at the finish of the room.
In the wake of arriving at the consummation, follow up the steps and leave the Victoria street. Then, at that point, you need to get away from two additional rooms.
At last, you will arrive at the 224 course.
Players should recollect that they can get to highway 224 subsequent to opening National Pokedex and overcoming the first class four. In this article, we have examined all the vital data regarding How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond that is expected to arrive at highway 224.

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