Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
graduate job

How to get the graduate job in the UK?

Upload your CV on job sites

Job sites are not only used by people hoping to find a job. Employers and employees often look to them when looking for potential candidates.

There is a chance that a future employer will come across your resume on the job site and realize that you are the perfect candidate for them. It’s an ideal opportunity to miss.

Creating a profile and uploading your resume will probably take about 15-30 minutes, but it’s worth it.

You should also upload the resume to your LinkedIn profile. You wouldn’t believe how many employers are using LinkedIn to snooze potential candidates.

Make yourself more employable

This may sound very general advice, but it’s more doable than you think.

With the so many graduates entering the job market with top marks each year, it is difficult to stand out with your degree alone to find graduate jobs London.

Finding new ways to make you more employable is just as important. For example, you can do volunteer work, gain work experience, or get a free online qualification in the field related to your chosen job.

Creating the website is a great way to show that you are a beginner. In addition, it can provide a broader picture of your identity to potential employers. Even better, you can make money from the website.

Research companies before applying for jobs

Please show them your genuine interest in the company to impress a potential employer.

Whether in the early stages of a job application or when you reach the interview stage, thorough job and business research will help you land a job.

And after spending the good hour or so researching a company, the work they do, and the role you’re applying for, your cover letter will be much easier to write.

We have excellent interview preparation tips if you’ve made it to the next stage.

Be confident that a graduate job is right for you

Good graduate jobs can seem the few and far between at times. You may even be tempted to apply for as the many opportunities as possible just because they say the “graduate” in the spec, even if you’re not interested in the remote job.

This is not a good idea. Remember that you spend about 80% of your life at the work! This does not mean that you should not be open to something new that has nothing to do with your degree. 

Apply to Startups

Job seekers often overlook small startups. They may not be large enough to fund graduate schemes, but they can offer some great job opportunities.

While it’s great to plan yourself a major at a national or international company, competition for the entry-level jobs at smaller companies is usually much lower. This is because startups are generally not the first option graduates consider when searching for jobs.

The practical experience you can get from working for a startup is invaluable. You may find yourself taking on much more responsibility than you would in a larger company.

In contrast, working for a small company may end up jumping to a higher position much earlier in the career than you might expect.

Know About Graduate Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies will contact companies looking to hire graduates to see if they can help fill the vacancy. Some companies have the policy of not using recruitment agencies. Still, if there is no objection from the company, the recruitment agency will start looking for suitable graduates to fill the position.

Understanding the relationships between you (the alumni, the recruitment agent, and the company looking to hire a graduate is helpful. Most graduate recruitment agencies charge the percentage of the starting salary of the person they have appointed as a “student fee.” For example, if you are hired by the recruitment agency And your starting salary is the £17,000, the fee paid is to the recruitment agency is the £2,250 if a 15% finder fee is agreed upon.

Once the wheels roll, the role of the employment counselor is similar to that of a dating agency. But, first, they have to find a suitable partner for their clients, make an introduction, and hope each other will love the other!

The recruitment agency will have an internal database of potentially available contacts to find a suitable candidate. You’ll likely get a call out of the blue if you match their criteria. Recruitment agencies will also use other sources, such as graduate-jobs.com, to post jobs and search our online resume database. This is why a profile and CV are so important; you need to get your resume out to as the many audiences as possible to stand the best chance.

Companies use recruitment agencies for the following reasons:

It is more convenient. Although it is expensive, the searcher fee of 10%-20% covers the costs of advertising and content creation of ad copy.

It is often the case, especially with graduate employment, that there is a high cost in managing responses to advertisements and screening applications. The employment agency takes this.

The recruitment agency provides an element of orientation, which prepares the candidate for the interview and helps them give them the best chance.

A recruiting agent can often provide some graduate resume advice before putting your resume in front of a potential employer to give you the best opportunity.

How do you fit in?

To be considered by a recruitment agency, you must register with them or apply for one of the jobs they list on graduate-jobs.com. On top of that, you can use a few techniques to ensure that you are on top of their interests. The recruitment agent is in a strong position and will be influential in providing a short list of candidates to their clients.

To ensure you stand the best chance of the appearing on that list, consider the following:

  • Treat all the interactions with the recruitment agency as the interview, and be polite, clear in thought, thorough, and enthusiastic.
  • Sell yourself, show your expertise, and convince them that you are suitable for this role. Show your understanding of the vacancy and knowledge of the market and company.
  • Keep in touch during business hours. Ensure the recruitment advisor has your mobile and landline address and an updated email address.
  • Call the agent weekly to ensure they know you are available to work.