Amber is a mixture of  orange and yellow colours. If your router has a solid amber light, it may have some problem with internet connection. Your internet goes slow or stops working. But don’t worry, we are here to solve your amber light issue in your wifi router. Read the artistically attentively and follow the below  steps-

Rebooting Your Router

When our router does not work properly then restarting is the first step. It is the first thing done after receiving an online notification. If you use an Ethernet cable to access the internet, unplug it for 30 seconds. Reconnect the cable. Additionally, you should wait 30 seconds after turning off your router before turning it back on. The devices restart really rapidly. After rebooting, your device may be able to receive signals properly. It is the initial and most crucial step to take when your internet is slow. After rebooting light turns green or orange, it means that the amber light issue is solved. If any case, after restarting the device amber light is solid then follow the further steps.

Check The Cable Connection

Cables may damage very soon. If your internet is not working, maybe you have some problem with your wires. Firstly, check the ethernet cable of your router. They try to plug the cable tightly. If  your router is still not working and an amber light is seen. Then you can try a new one. It is the best way to check if there are issues in the router or ethernet cable. After use, the new ethernet cable  may have an amber light issue resolved. If it does not work then go further because we take responsibility for your router and follow the other method to solve the light problem.

Bring The WiFi Device Closer

Sometimes we put our router far away from the modem. It may create issues for the internet. When your router is put in the right location then it spreads the signal throughout the house. But if it is not located in the right place, it builds issues. As simple as the internet is not working then amber light is automatically solid. So be sure your router does not make a big distance from your modem. That’s why you should have knowledge about the router setup. It helps you find the right place for your router. If you want to know about router setup you can take information from wavlink router setup and follow these steps to get proper setup.

Keep Router Interference Away

Your router’s light can amber when its signals disturb by other devices. So take away your devices from high-frequency devices. People continually complain about slow internet, but they are unaware that metal objects are the main reason to disturb the signals at your home. Simply move your router if your router is located close to any metal objects. Radio is the major interference on internet signals. Therefore, keep in mind not to place your radio close to the router, if you use a radio at home.

Many times, people store their wireless gadgets behind the television or in the cupboard. But they feel under such pressure after seeing the amber light in your router. Make sure your router locate in a space where other devices can’t be disturbed it. In case you should know about the router setup for getting high-speed internet.

Update Your Router

People use old routers at their home.But technology is constantly evolving. However, a lot of individuals still use ten-year-old routers at home. They express their frustration with the issue of slow internet. It is quite crucial to occasionally update your router. After some time, technology modifies the design of wireless devices. Therefore, update your router occasionally, and if it’s still not working, buy a new one.

To Sum Up

However, the router connects with the router, but the amber light is still solid on your router,  it creates difficult situations  for you. So follow the above steps to troubleshoot your internet issues. If you use the wavlink router at your home then you can go to the wavlink router login and get high- speed internet.