Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Today, screen recording is widely used as a tool for creating and sharing instructional videos and other types of digital content. It facilitates the production of effective and valuable content for a variety of uses.

There are a number of options available to you if you wish to screen capture and edit those clips for your audience. For example, both Windows and Mac OS X provide basic snapshot tools, but these tools are woefully inadequate when compared to what’s available for capturing videos.

If you’re looking for a time-saving method to record your screen and edit your movies, this is the right article for you!

Plan your content:

Planning the framework and recording the bits of material you want to present in your film is, of course, the first steps in making any sort of video. A fascinating and interesting video may be created by careful planning of its outline.

However, even the best content strategy might go wrong if screen records aren’t recorded properly. Before beginning the recording process, you need to make sure that your recorder is functioning properly.

For this we recommend iTop screen recorder. The iTop Screen Recorder is only one of several successful desktop productivity applications that have been released by iTop, a leading PC software developer. As the name implies, this screen recorder doesn’t cost a dime to use. Many advanced features, like 4K resolution recording, multiple audio source input, and format conversion, are available to users for free.

Set Your Preferences:

Setting the capture area is the first step in taking a screen recording. You have the option of using the provided default dimensions or choosing your own. Click the square’s orange symbol in its center to start repositioning the capture area. 

It’s also worth noting that you may choose the capture area to be full screen, widescreen, or even YouTube standards from the drop-down menu. So, if you want to capture everything on your screen, you can. iTop allows you to choose different set dimensions for popular video uploading platforms. 

You can also take screenshots from this menu, which is useful for presentations and lessons when you want to save time by pausing the video to point out a particular section. If a webinar is coming up and you know you won’t be able to attend, you may arrange a recording of it to view at a later time. 

Choose your cursor effects:

iTop cursor effects are completely discretionary. For example, online teachers can use them in a better way. They may choose to have the cursor highlighted only when you click it, or to have it highlighted all the time. To further personalize these effects, you may even record the sound of your mouse clicking.

 Record the Footage:

Once you’re satisfied with your setup, you may begin screen capture. The module’s red “Record” button is located on its right side.

iTop will give you a countdown before you record. After that point, you can still see the module, but it won’t be captured in the final product. Time and storage space used by the current video are both displayed. If you sometimes wish to participate in discussions while showing your face, you may activate the camera from the same section. Buttons to cancel, pause, and stop are also shown for convenience.

 Save the video:

Whenever you pause a screen recording, the video plays in a new window. Now is the time to make any last-minute adjustments and review the finished product. When you’re satisfied with the quality of the video, select “Save As” to save the video to your computer. Many different video file formats are available to you.


iTop screen recorder provides you with in built recording and editing tools. With its easy-to-understand user interface you can learn how to use them in a single try! You can not only record but also edit your recording. If you want to you can upload these recording directly to your channel!

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