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It is safe to say that you are inquisitively searching for How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm? This post will assist you with procuring you the award in CODm. Along these lines, begin perusing!

Since the honorable obligation delivered in 2019 October, it has pulled in numerous players all through the Philippines and the remainder of the world. As the game is getting its redesigns, the highlights of this game are getting intriguing, and the players are getting appended to it.

Peruse this article to know the brief about the double-crosser decoration.

What is a traitor award?

The most effective method to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm is a difficult errand which each player is worried about however don’t stress; we will before long uncover a few stages to get this award.

At the point when somebody plays in a multiplayer mode, they can open the traitor award in CODm by murdering the foe from behind and with skirmish.

In the event that you are a tremendous enthusiast of this multiplayer game, you should realize that this game has 43 awards and this double-crosser decoration is one of them.

In the event that you execute a player or any of your adversaries in this game, you will be remunerated with 1×backstabber decoration, and in the event that you need to know the all out numbers, you can look at the player’s award area for that.

How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm?

Any player can procure this double-crosser decoration by following the given advances:

Open your game and enter the heap out advance.

Pick load out of your decision and snap the optional weapon space.

Presently by basically executing their foe from any blade or some other skirmish weapons from behind, you will acquire the decoration.

You can possibly get this prize when you play this game multiple times in multiplayer mode.

Aside from the above thing, on the off chance that you need to get a LK-24 alert weapon in this obligation at hand game’s occasional occasion, you need to get in any event threefold, and that is a 3×backstabber award.

Last Verdict

Presently you know How to Earn Backstabber Medal in Codm? One needs to harm and slice their adversary’s back with some little weapon like a blade or some other scuffle weapon. This makes it fundamental for player’s to get remunerated with a double-crosser award.

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