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Bohemian décor is one of the most popular styles of interior designs, and at some point, we have all encountered a bohemian designed property. Consisting of a unique interior of colours, textures and patterns creates an eclectic atmosphere in the property, and adds to an unconventional, artistic design to the house. Originating in the 13 th century when groups of Travellers began to emigrate from India towards Europe, the influence of bohemian theme began to gain popularity. Displaying themes of Indian and Moroccon culture, bohemian theme often appears to have a mysterious element. Whether you’reartistic, spiritual or adventurous, incorporating a bohemian theme into your home décor is a great way to express your inner nature and sense of individualism. Here at We Buy Any Home we have compiled our top design tips and tricks to create the perfect bohemian home décor, incorporating a relaxed, warm and comfortable feel into your home.

Approaching the Eclectic Look:

The world of boho brings together multiple styles, textures, colours and themes. But the beauty of it is that it can be put together however you desire. If you want to go all in, and create an eclectic, in-your- face décor that will work. However, boho décor also allows you to be more subtle, and add a few touches of texture and colour- as a nod to bohemianism.

Incorporating Textures:

A bohemian inspired home has to include a play on textures. Boho décor relies on the mixing of textures throughout the house. There are various ways you can do this, and remember, you don’t have to use all the textures at one time, or in one room. Whether you have a focal piece in the room such as a tapestry that adds a lot of texture, you may want to compliment it with a more subtle texture. Think:

  • Planters made of various materials.
  • Natural fiber rugs.
  • Wooden furniture.
  • Macrame wall hangings.
  • Artwork, stacks of books, personal photographs and ornaments.

Get Inspired by Nature:

If you’re looking to add a bohemian flare to your property, adding a touch of nature will totally transform the interior design of your home. Whether that’s through plants, or a natural-themed wallpaper of hanging mural, a sense of nature is exactly what you need.

Fabrics and Furniture:

As a bohemian theme incorporates both Traveller culture and middle eastern design, a good way to really conquer the boho interior décor is through the fabrics chosen for your pieces of furniture.  An example is when you overlay a large dining table with bohemian banquet tablecloths. Think about including a vast array of eastern patterns and fabrics. You may think that it will clash and look odd, but there will never be a more appropriate time to incorporate these textures and patterns into your furniture choice.

Global Accents:

As bohemian themes incorporate a mix of cultures and worlds in the interior décor style, recreating that in your home is crucial in nailing the theme. Boho culture has a history of celebrating the notion of the wandering artist, bringing together various lifestyles and designs. A good way to emulate this through your home design is to add global accents throughout your home. Think Buddha statues, tribal prints, Moroccan lanterns, and Ming-style vases. If you haven't had the luxury of getting these items from their authentic place, there are lots of importers and retailers that can recreate the designs down to the last detail.

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