If you are into the restaurant business and have a nice patio to make use of, a custom printed patio umbrella can work wonders for your business. Who doesn’t love a nice tete-a-tete with that “special” someone under a beautifully branded patio umbrella on a sunny afternoon! 

There are different types of restaurant patio umbrellas for sale. But how do you decide what’s perfect for your restaurant patio? Let’s explore. 

Ramp up your restaurant patio with a centre-pole commercial umbrella

Centre-pole commercial umbrellas look gorgeous in a classic setup. They accentuate the arabesque lines on antique furniture. If your restaurant exudes a quaint charm, matching custom printed patio umbrellas can amplify the overall ambience. 

Outdoor umbrella canopies come in various shapes and sizes. The octagonal and square canopies are the most preferred ones. The octagonal canopy works best with a traditional furniture setup. 

If your outdoor space has generous doses of green, like a garden for instance, an outdoor umbrella will blend in with the natural environment with ease. An ambient lighting solution coupled with your bespoke In fact, people looking for date restaurants near me or you, always choose cafes that have an outdoor setting with umbrellas, tables & chairs for enjoying that romantic vibe and ambiance. And, there are some top-rated restaurants and best brunch places in Nashville that have such lovely patio seating arrangements. umbrella can turn mundane evenings into a magical experience for your guests.

The frame of an outdoor umbrella is made from various materials like wood, powder-coated metal alloys and fibreglass. Choose a material that matches your furniture setup. A wooden centre-pole, for instance, blends in with wooden furniture seamlessly. But beware of the weather conditions in your part of the globe before choosing the frame material. Metal and fibreglass tend to be more wind-resistant and durable compared to wood. 

Branded patio umbrella manufacturers provide a whole range of bespoke services to their customers. You can have anything printed on your umbrella canopy including your brand logo. This turns your humble accessory into a really powerful brand-promotion tool. 

The canopy gives you room for a lot of experiments with design and style. Let your imagination do the talking and your outdoor umbrella manufacturer will be happy to turn it into reality. 

You can use a scalloped or straight-edge valance with contrasting fringes. You can also have your umbrella canopy stitched together from contrasting fabrics. A two tiered top with multiple vents and contrasting layers can give your umbrella canopy a bona fide chic look. You also have a whole bunch of fabric-materials to choose from. 

Canopies are made of water and UV proof materials like olefin, acrylic and polyester. They are durable and can last seasons on end. While polyester is the cheapest of the lot, the other canopy materials won’t burn a hole in your wallet! 

Choose what suits your budget and taste. 

Cantilever patio umbrella – a modern shade solution

If you want to give your restaurant patio a modern vibe, go for the cantilever patio umbrella. Cantilever umbrellas give you the convenience of a side-post or mast. If your guests hate the centre-pole of a traditional outdoor umbrella, they will love this new-age design.

Cantilever umbrellas let you track the sun and block it. The canopy is connected to a swivel arm that can be rotated 360 degrees. You can also tilt the canopy to maximise the shade according to the time of the day. 

You can choose from multiple mounting options. If you aren’t hard pressed for space, go for the freestanding umbrellas. They have a heavy base with wheels for mobility. That’s what we call a bona fide portable shade! 

If space is a concern, choose the wall-mounted cantilever umbrella. You can fix your umbrella to a wall and turn an unutilised space into a cool lounge for your guests. If your outdoor space is a poolside, you may consider the bolt-down mounting option. With this your cantilever umbrella stays put in the place you install it. But make sure you have a hard flooring for the bolt-down mechanism to work well. 

Even the garden is a good place to install a cantilever umbrella. You can use an in-ground mounting mechanism to fix your umbrella on firm ground. Modern furniture looks the part under a neatly designed cantilever umbrella. Your guests will love to hang out in your cool garden setup.

You can create a separate space for your VIP guests to set yourself apart from the competition. Use a large cantilever umbrella and contemporary furniture to carve out a separate lounge for those special guests.  

Cantilever patio umbrella canopies come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. From the large 13 feet ones to the modest 6 feet ones, you can choose a canopy size that fits your patio without a hassle. 

Square and rectangular canopies fit the bill on an avant-garde patio setup. There is a whole range of fabrics to choose from. Olefin, acrylic and polyester are the most popular fabric materials. They block the harmful UV rays and the scattered showers with aplomb. Choose bold colours for your canopy if you love to make a fashion statement. 

The simple and minimalist design of a cantilever umbrella makes your outdoor space look more spacious and opulent. It lends your business a touch of class and saves you a ton of money on décor. 

If you are seriously considering to ramp up your restaurant patio, choose from the huge collection of restaurant patio umbrellas for sale in the online market and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds!