Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

You’ve decided to buy your electric skateboard, but given all the models available on the market: you don’t know which one to choose! Do not panic ! I have concocted a very interesting little article for you that will help you choose your ideal electric skateboard, in order to be sure not to regret your purchase. You are ready ? Let’s go !

Before buying an skateboard, it is advisable to get a minimum of information and not to buy it blindly, otherwise you will quickly regret your choice. Let’s say that there are 3 points not to be overlooked when buying an electric skateboard: its performance, its price, and the autonomy.

But before starting, you should already know that we can classify electric skateboards into 2 very distinct categories:

– Street electric skateboards: lighter and more maneuverable but only designed to ride on asphalt.

– Cross electric skateboards: Heavier but all-terrain. Earth, sand or slope, nothing scares them!

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Its performance

The performance of an electric longboard is radically different depending on the brand and model chosen, it’s a bit like everything else. There is the electric skateboard that we buy just to get around and there is the electric skateboard that we buy not only to get around but also to have fun. Before buying a motor skate, you should know that performance is undoubtedly the most important point to check. It won’t occur to you to buy a car without seeing what’s under the hood, let’s say it’s a bit the same thing. To avoid being disappointed with your purchase, you should check the performance of the electric skateboard, it’s as simple as that. Some elements are also quite difficult to compare from one electric skateboard to another, I mean of course the wheels, the trucks or the bearings. Which is pretty weird by the way, because in the boardsports world we tend to look at those kinds of features first.

Its price

As I just said above, you will hardly find a quality motor skate without paying the price. It’s not impossible to find a cheap electric skateboard, but if you can afford to break the bank then you will really have the possibility of having the best of the best. When you want to compare several electric skateboards, then it is necessary to compare what is comparable, so do not hesitate to look at everything in detail.


One of the things that should not be overlooked is obviously autonomy! Imagine an electric skateboard that breaks down after 15 minutes, that would be a big hassle, wouldn’t it? If there is one element that is expensive on an electric longboard, it is indeed its battery. Generally, manufacturers looking to cut corners do so at the expense of a quality battery. We think we have a good cheap electric skateboard and it is once we test the beast that we realize that the battery of the electric skateboard does not hold up. So please: take the time to look at the battery characteristics before throwing your eyes closed on a cheap motor skate model. Battery life is all the more important if you plan to travel long distances with your electric skateboard, so don’t run out of battery in the middle of your ride.

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