Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Table Lamps for Bedroom

The subtle yet graceful lamps that you use to decorate our home not only lighten up our spaces but also lift up our mood. Glorious lights from classic-looking table lamps to table lamp for bedroom appear like rays of sunshine that spread warmth and serenity to your space. When revamping the interiors of any room, don’t forget to buy items like table lamp for living room as they can transform your home into a heavenly abode.

Table lamps have multiple advantages when it comes to home décor. For example, they can be used to light up your study area or can bring the perfect lighting to your living room. Here is how you can use table lamps to create visual impact through their magnificent lights. 

  • Beautifies spaceTable lamp for living room give the illusion of bigger and wholesome spaces by adding symmetry, colors, and contrast to the room. These lamps also fill the space such as the side tables that help to create a stylish visual impression. 
  • Lights up an area- Bedside table lamp for example is very important if you want a well-lit room. It is a good alternative to the extra bright ordinary tube lights and bulbs. 
  • Change the vibe of the space- The expansive varieties of bedside table lamp help to redefine a space by adding a multidimensional flair thus changing the mood and ambience. 

In a world dominated by mesmerizing chandeliers and other forms of lighting solutions it is easy to neglect the significance of table lamps. However, the right kind of table lamp is one of the quintessential home décor items you definitely need. To help you make the best choice while buying table online, we have created the ultimate guide that will help you find the best home décor India online

Locating the ideal spot

Even before choosing the right kind of table lamp for bedroom, it is of primary importance that one must look for the appropriate location. You should be mindful of the height where the lamp will sit, the furniture and textures of the space. It is believed that a living room needs slightly more luminous lights than in bedrooms. That’s why; you will notice that in most homes along with bedside table lamp, people also invest in quality floor lamp for living room. Further, the table lamps should be placed in those spaces which are functional such as the reading and relaxing spaces. 

Size of the lamps

While buying table lamp online, you might find it tricky to find the lamps that match the size of furniture in the living room and bedrooms. Here is a simple tip if you find yourself caught in this dilemma next time. For the tall bedside table or any other table in the living room, a shorter table lamp should be your choice and vice versa. For the living room usually, small-sized table lamps are preferred because it already has an ample number of décor items and other lighting present in the area.

Have an eye for style 

There are numerous varieties of table lamp online available but it is important to choose something that goes well with the overall theme of your interior design. It is very important to select a timeless and trendy table lamp which you will use for many years to come. The quaint vintage lamps, contemporary and modern lamps are some of the most famous patterns among interior designers these days. You can also play around with several quirky lamps to make a splashy style statement. 

Colors are a must 

Once you are done selecting the size of table lamp online, the colors of the lampshade and the light of the lamp are the next important things worth focusing on. The neutral shades of the room require moderately bright lights whereas the rooms with bold colors require subtle lighting. You can experiment with various color patterns of the lamp as well such as the lamps with a royal gold stand or those with stainless steel look. These accentuate the colors of the wall and furniture to spread a sublime vibe. 

Lampshade and pattern of shadows

Choosing the correct shape and size of the lampshade is of equal importance as is the lamp itself. Lampshades typically come in a number of patterns such as drum, shadow drum, shadow bell, cylindrical, empire, and many other varieties. One thing that will help you resolve all your confusion while choosing a lampshade is that the diameter of the lampshade should be at least 2 inches less than the length of its body. Further, while choosing the fabric and the prints on the lampshade you always keep in mind the overall theme of your home décor and chose prints or colours that will harmoniously fit in. 

Never ignore the details 

You should always look for lamps that are durable and easy to maintain. Further, CFL lights are the most suitable options for lighting as they are safe and consume the optimum amount of electricity. It is important to be mindful of these little details before buying home décor India online lamp.  

Fusion of colors and pre-existing lighting 

It is important to mix and match the color of the room, lamp, and pre-existing lighting to create visual aestheticism. The fusion of accent lights and regular lights in terms of color helps to blend the architectural features, the artwork, and even the functional lighting of the room. This amalgamation can be of several colored lights such as shades of golden and white in the room or of monochromatic lights like of the golden hues. 

These were some basic tips that one should consider before choosing the table lamp for bedroom or other spaces in your home. Table lamp for living room not only lightens up but also has the power to spread an aura of happiness around. We at the Dekor Company make sure that through our latest collection you can find the best-suited table lamp which looks royal, vintage, and dreamy. Which home décor India online lamp do you plan to buy for yourself?