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It’s important to select life insurance plan based on your income. Your financial objectives should be adequately protected by the cover amount, commonly called the Sum Assured. To assist you in reaching the milestones, you should choose the appropriate life insurance policy in addition to the appropriate Sum Assured.

For diverse monetary objectives, there are many sorts of life insurance plans. With various types of insurance, you may preserve your financial interests and advance your life goals.

Under 30 with an income of up to Rs. 50,000 per month and no dependents

It is now possible to begin saving money. It’s also a time when people are experiencing life to the fullest, which frequently results in money running out before the end of the month.

The secret is to balance your income and outgoing costs. Your financial situation will be determined by it ten years from now, or possibly forever. A life insurance policy is a financial tool that provides security and opportunities for savings.

If you make up to Rs. 50,000 each month, take into account the following sorts of policies:

Critical Illness InsuranceBy doing this, you can protect your parents’ funds in the event of a medical emergency.
Coverage for Accidental Death and DisabilityThis coverage is required if you operate in a hazardous workplace, such as a mine. It will provide compensation until the point when you are unable to work. It will pay the nominee the death benefit in the event of death.
Plan for Term Life InsuranceThe moment you begin generating money, you must have this strategy. Your rates will be lower the earlier you begin. Your life ambitions are protected by this clean protection plan. If something occurs to you, it pays the death benefit to your nominees.

Your situation will determine how much money is allocated to these programmes. Purchase a term policy as soon as you can.

30 to 40 Years Old, Earning up to 1.5 Lakh Rupees Each Month, and Married

You need to have accomplished several of the earlier milestones by this age. If not, make sure to do so before switching to life insurance coverage for this age range. There are also two possible outcomes here. First, either both you and your spouse make a living or second, just you do.

Only a few things will alter as a result of your family’s financial situation.

Increase your Mediclaim Insurance CoverageFollowing your marriage, you should include your spouse in the same plan. It’s best to purchase a family floater cover even if your spouse works and has their own insurance.
Benefit Plan for IncomeThis benefit is provided by some term life insurance policies. With this choice, you can have a reliable stream of income to help you get by on bad days. 
Plan of Unit-Linked InsuranceYou are able to extend your investment beyond the initial five years with life insurance policies like ULIPs. Therefore, keep investing and take pleasure in development simply in case you do not need the money five years from now. If not, you can withdraw the money fully tax-free.
Pension SchemeWhen you are young, retirement is a distant prospect. However, the dollars you invest today will help your retirement savings grow the fastest. Start immediately, even if it’s tiny. The sooner you begin contributing to a life insurance or pension plan, the better.

Over 40, Earning More Than Rs. 1.5 Lakhs Each Month, and Having Two Kids

A family’s life is completed by the birth of children, which also prepares the road for a secure future. However, careful investment planning is required.

Purchasing Child Insurance PoliciesThese plans protect the child’s long-term objectives, including marriage and schooling. Goal protection is a component of child insurance coverage that guarantees it will continue till maturity even if you are not there.


An investing portfolio must include life insurance. In addition, to provide financial security, it is a vehicle for investment. The cost of insurance is ZERO. However, choosing not to get insurance might prove to be costly. When thinking about life insurance, it is advisable to enlist the help of reliable insurance companies, like Aditya Birla Insurance, who have a reputation for providing complete and specialised life insurance solutions.