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A processor or as many people love to call it a CPU is the essential component of a PC. The better processor you have, the better your PC will run. It holds so much importance that many professionals, including us, advise investing more in a processor other than any other PC component. 

However, many people working in professions such as image editing and video editing don’t take CPUs seriously, and they might not be aware of what they are losing. But hopefully, you are not the same, and obviously, that’s why you have landed here. And we surely won’t disappoint you. If you are having a hard time choosing a processor for video editing, worry not! 

Let us help you with the criteria to pick the right processor for video editing. Keep reading this article to get to know some of the best features to look for in a processor. 

What does a processor do?

Technically, a processor is a component responsible for all the actions of a PC. You can call it the brain of the computer. It provides the computer components with instructions and processing power the computer needs to work with. The more powerful your processor is, the faster you get things done. So getting a powerful processor can help your computer think and work faster.  Also, CPUs have a lot of technical stuff, such as threading and multiple cores, that decide their efficiency. 

How does having a good processor affect video editing?

The quality of your PC’s processor will affect video editing a lot. That’s because the most used video editing software, such as the Adobe premiere pro, pinnacle studio, etc., need a fast-running processor which can catch up with their speed. 

Also, while video editing, many previous edits previews are to be saved to give the user an excellent working experience. However, if the processor is not efficient enough, it might be a problem for you. 

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Features you should look in a processor for video editing. 


Other than searching for the best processors for your PC, you should also check if your PC’s motherboard is compatible with them or not. For checking compatibility, check the sockets of your motherboard and the processor you will buy. Moreover, the chipsets should be compatible too, so check them too. 

Number of cores 

Cores are one of the crucial parts of any processor because they decide the number of tasks it can do simultaneously and its efficiency. Remember, the more cores, the more efficient the processor will be. 

For video editing, we recommend you go for a processor with at least 6 cores with 12 threads. Also, you can opt for a processor with a higher number of cores as video editing is a heavy task.  

Clock speed 

Other than the higher number of cores, the clock speed increases the speed of any processor. Clock speed is the speed with which a core performs a task. It includes the base clock, which is the minimum speed, and the boost clock, which is the maximum speed. 

We suggest that you get a processor with a minimum base clock speed of at least 3.5 GHz and a boost clock speed of at least 4.8 GHz for better performance. 


The cache is the short-term memory which also can affect your productivity. Video editing is a heavy task; you will require a processor providing at least 30Mb cache for that. Furthermore, if you wish to have a cache memory of 70-90 Mb, you have to pay a good price. 


The TDP is directly proportional to the performance of your processor, so we would recommend you to get a processor with a high TDP value which can range between 120 watts and 180 watts. 

However, the catch is if the TDP is higher, you will require a good CPU cooling system as it will emit more heat. 


If you have already chosen a GPU, you can skip this one. However, if you are making a brand new PC on your own and don’t have a GPU yet, you will require an iGPU, and unfortunately, only intel offers them. All other processors require an external graphics card or won’t work. 


The warranty might be the last thing you will see while choosing a processor. However, it’s more important than you think. As processors are expensive and made to last long, they should be covered with a good warranty time so you can return or get a refund if anything goes wrong. 


If you are a newbie trying to build a PC on your own, get the best processors of all first. Also, you can wait for their prices to get lowered during sales. However, do not compromise on the quality of the processor as it will be the major component of your PC. 

Lastly, do keep in mind the features we have discussed here, or you can visit our site again. 


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