Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Changing the name on your paci kuwait civil id, is very simple. Also, the title must change as the civil ID differs from your passport since you have two different names. The issue will cause you problems in both your professional and personal life. Opening your bank account and shopping can be problematic. If the names are different, you won’t be allowed to enter or leave the country.

Removing residency stickers from passports

Due to a recent decision, a civil id must travel into and out of Kuwait to verify residency. A civil id must match the name in your passport to prevent denial of entry.

Incorrect name sequences, misspelled names, or weird names are common, so you must correct them.

Change of Name: Required Documents

A few documents are required to change the name on the civil id.

  • An identification card’s back bears a serial number.
  •  For the verification code, a mobile number is required.
  • A blue background is needed for your picture (24*6).

An easy way to change a civil ID’s name

We will describe some easy ways to complete all these procedures using your laptop, mobile phone, and computer.

Verify your civil id status

  • In order to verify the validity, you must check the civil id status.
  • Please visit the website for the PACI Envelope system.

Steps to follow:

You must follow the steps below once you have checked the validity and status of your civil id.

  • It is necessary to double-click the update name.
  • Then, you will find a new page, and if it is in the Arabic language, you can change it into English. An option will appear at the top.
  • Please click on the Latin name for non-Kuwaitis.
  • The System will open a new page after entering the name or civil id. There is an availability of a serial number on its back. Then, click on continue.
  • After updating all these details, you didn’t submit an id for the renewal. Without a request for issuance of the civil ID, you will be unable to edit your Latin name.
  • Then, you must type in your phone number and click a verification code. Soon, you will receive a confirmation message.
  • You will receive a new form. Enter your code and click on the code verification button.
  • The System will open another page. Just enter all the required data correctly.
  • After entering the data, there is an urge to upload your passport size blue background pictures. Tick the box. You have to click it in order to continue.
  • If you provide a mobile number, you can receive a reference number. Using it, you will be able to monitor the progress of your application.
  • The System will manually review your application. You just need to wait for the approval. The system will send you a link to pay.
  • Finally, you must go to the South Surra PACI to replace your civil id name.


If you want, you can change the name easily. Make sure you follow these steps. Above, we listed several steps. You should verify your data by entering it correctly and waiting for a manual check. You will receive a satisfactory response.

This method should be beneficial and make it easier for you to update the data you are comfortable with.