Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Whether you’re gaming in the dark or just want to add a little more style to your setup, changing the light mode on your Fantech keyboard is a quick and easy way to do it. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to change the light mode on your Fantech keyboard.

Things You’ll Need: 

– A Fantech keyboard 

– A computer 

– The Fantech software (available for download on the Fantech website) 

– An internet connection

Change Light Mode With Fantech software:

Step 1: Download the Fantech software from the Fantech website. 

Step 2: Connect your Fantech keyboard to your computer. 

Step 3: Open the Fantech software. 

Step 4: Click on “Lighting” in the left sidebar. 

Step 5: In the “Lighting Mode” dropdown menu, select the lighting mode you want to use. 

Step 6: Click “Apply” to save your changes. 

Step 7: Enjoy your new lighting mode!

Change Light Mode With Keyboard Shortcuts:

To change your keyboard’s lighting preferences to something more interesting, press and hold the function (Fn) key while pressing one of these other keys:

  • FN + scroll lock key = Increase light
  • FN + scroll lock key = Breathing mode
  • FN + page up = Increase and the brightness
  • FN + page down = Decrease the brightness
  • FN + F1 = Normal light
  • F2 = Slow blinking light
  • F3 = Fast blinking light
  • F4 = Solid green light
  • F5 = Solid red light

Advantages of having Fantech Keyboard:

The Fantech Keyboard is a portable, foldable keyboard that can connect to your mobile device. It has many benefits, such as:

– The Fantech Keyboard is a sleek and stylish keyboard that’s perfect for people who like to type with their thumbs. Unlike other keyboards, this one allows you to hold it in your hand, so there are no more Extended Fingers! You can make your gaming setup more stylish with an extended personalized mouse pad along with this stunning keyboard.

– The lightweight keyboard is portable and simple to use. It’s incredibly easy, making this the perfect tool for any professional or aspiring writer on the go!

– The keyboard is quick and responsive. It responds accurately to every keystroke, making it an ideal device for typing up documents or emails on the go!

Disadvantages of having Fantech Keyboard:

– Gamers need a keyboard that’s designed exclusively for them, which is why the Fantech Keyboard doesn’t come with any number pad or function keys.

– Another consideration is the price of keyboards. The Fantech Keyboard costs more than many other gaming keyboards on today’s market, so for some people, this extra cost might not be worth it in their opinion or situation, even though they would still enjoy using one just like everyone else does!

– The proprietary firmware makes changing keys and macros difficult without using software from them which can be inconvenient at times when you need those features changed quickly on your own accord or just want more flexibility in general with what each button does, depending upon how advanced of gameplay style one plays!


Changing the light mode on your Fantech keyboard is a great way to add some style to your gaming setup. By following the steps in this article, you’ll be able to change the light mode on your Fantech keyboard in no time. So get started and start customizing your keyboard today.