Mon. May 20th, 2024

Are you developing your mobile application? Wouldn’t you like to add voice, real-time chat, and video experience functions to it? If you feel it will be very complicated then you are wrong. Thanks to the ZEGOCLOUD communication API, it will be a simple and fun job! You can start with just 4 lines of code and start enabling feature-rich interactions.

Ready to embed the above functions into your application?

By embedding functions like real-time chat, real-time engagement in your app will be realized and as a result, users will feel more comfortable and “bonded” with your app. It will be easier for them to interact with each other or with you as the owner of the app and there’s nothing more fun than that!

The real-time engagement functions in question usually include:

– Video call

– Voice call

– In-app chat

– Live stream

Apart from these interaction functions, you can improve the quality of the interaction with a series of interesting ad-ons, such as cute avatars and AI effects. Such a set of ad-ons cannot be ignored by any modern app developer.

Monitor communication quality in real-time

This is possible with the monitoring and analytics tools that ZEGOCLOUD provides. By monitoring in real-time, you can respond to any problems that may occur in the middle of using the application. As a ZEGOCLOUD user, you will get a very advanced analytics dashboard.



Need video call feature? More intense collaboration is possible as you can provide 1-on-1 and group video calling functionality. Not only that, there are live audio spaces and social live streams that can be embedded within your app, making it easy for users to interact with each other. If that’s not enough, you can add other functions such as shared hosting services, beautification, and virtual gift giving. Keep in mind that social media apps that include virtual gifts tend to be more attractive than others.

Real-time engagement is of great value to any app owner. Whether you represent your own small brand or a large brand, you will find that ZEGOCLOUD is exactly what you need. You can accommodate ZEGOCLOUD in every stage of your application development. ZEGOCLOUD’s main dedication is to help every developer embed real engagement functions in their applications. ZEGOCLOUD provides an API that is easy to understand and use as a practical solution for every developer. The provided API comes with developer-friendly documentation, case-oriented solutions, and implementation best practices.

Ability to scale in a very short time

To note, ZEGOCLOUD provides the ability for any developer to scale in seconds to handle multiple streaming connections simultaneously. This capability is supported by extremely low latency and excellent network resilience. In simpler language, the developer can provide fairly stable services to its customers even though the network conditions are weak (the weakened network covered is up to 70%).

Easy-to-integrate SDK

The ZEGOCLOUD SDK is easily integrated into 18 different languages ​​and programming frameworks. There are also guides, API references, and sample code that are easy for any developer to understand. Thus, each developer has more than enough resources to develop and operate the application.

What about the security provided?

ZEGOCLOUD guarantees that every developer receives protection against incoming and outgoing data. The safety guarantee has been certified according to today’s industry standards.

How about plans and pricing?

Every ZEGOCLOUD subscriber can get 10,000 free minutes every month and only pay for what they actually use. ZEGOCLOUD, unlike most other similar companies, provides flexible pricing for all sizes of businesses. So no matter the size of your business, you can always find a “package that fits.” We haven’t talked about startup support yet, and volume discounts are correlated with the amount of usage. If you take the Premium Plan, you will be entitled to 2 weeks of free support from a team of experts.

As for the real-time calling features such as Video Call and Voice Call, here are the details:

Video Call: $3.99/1000 minutes and $12.99/1000 minutes for Full HD Video

Voice Call: $0.99/1000 minutes

As for the interactive live streaming service, here are the price details:

Standard Live: $0.59/1000 minutes (audio), $2.29/1000 minutes (HD video), and $8.99/1000 minutes (full HD video).

Standard Live is the cheapest plan. If you feel this package is less stable on a weak Internet network, you can take Premium Live for a slightly more expensive price. Anyway, it’s worth what you will get. There are 3 other packages provided; Cloud Stream Mixing, Live Streaming CDN, and Live Streaming CDN.

While the details of the cost for the recording function are:

– Cloud Recording: $1.35/1000 minutes (audio), $4.95/1000 minutes (HD video), and $17.55/1000 minutes (full HD video).

– CDN Recording: $0.04/month/hour.

– File Storage: $0.06/month/GB.

– Video on Demand: $0.04/GB.

With real-time engagement features, your app will be more user friendly and each of your users will find it helpful in their interactions with you (as a developer) and other people (fellow users). As a result, they will become “more and more attached” to your app, and you already know the rest.

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