Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone knows this, but not many follow it. We can keep saying that the world is judgmental and narrow-minded, but, in reality, we are the world. We respect and understand the opinions of like-minded people, but we also judge people who are different. 

Whether we do it consciously or not, the other person ends up feeling insecure and uncomfortable. You should learn to avoid judging others and also learn how you can avoid getting judged for a more peaceful life. 

Don’t Talk About It

If you are worried that people will judge you, it’s best that you don’t talk about it. Silence is never going to hurt you. Talking can get you in trouble. First, you should know what to tell a person. If you know someone has a different mindset, you should avoid discussing a controversial topic with him. 

It’s your opinion and you should keep it to yourself. Sharing personal opinions at a professional place can actually make many things difficult for you. You might also end up sabotaging the relationship with many good and useful friends. They might not say anything, but they will form an opinion about you. 

Only Write Anonymously

It is understandable that you might feel the need to talk about it. For some reason, people love to share their opinions like they are universally accepted facts. If you really have to discuss it, you should write about it. 

There are many online platforms that wouldn’t be publishing your personal opinion or experience. However, a controversial article can get a lot of hate towards you. Knowing that your bio is written right below your article can also make you feel uneasy when writing. If you have something to share, send it to The Doe to publish it as an anonymous writer. 

Present it as Third Person’s Idea

If you are discussing an idea that could get you judged, don’t present it as your own. You don’t have to say that you follow it. Act as a neutral person who is open to anything. When presenting an idea, you can say that a lot of people believe this and that’s the reason behind their belief. 

If the other person shares something, you should take it neutrally instead of getting offended. This way, you can present the counter-argument in the third person with a neutral point of view. The person you are talking to you is more likely to take you seriously in this case. 

The Goal is to Impress

Remember that the goal of every discussion is to make the other person understand your point of view. This will only be possible if you impress them. Most of us are only trying to win the argument even if it offends the other person. 

Keep an open mind because there is a chance that the other opinion is actually more rational. You should try to talk in a calm manner with logic to impress them and listen to them peacefully. 

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