There is a proper way to proceed with commercial demolition, may it be large-scale or small-scale and it’s when you walk on this well-structured path that you ensure an efficient and perfect demolition experience for yourself. Now, there is no point in proceeding in the wrong direction and regretting it afterwards, especially when the work under consideration is something critical and dangerous like demolition. So, follow these expert tips from our commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne and keep all the risks at bay and avoid any commercial demolition failures that threatens your safety and of those involved. 

  •  Always Proceed With a Proper Plan

Planning is prerequisite to the proper undertaking of any work, especially something like demolition which is not reversible and involves a lot of risk. So, the moment you decide to get a commercial property demolished, prepare a proper plan covering all aspects of the demolition work including the method, your needs, and your expectations from the work.

Things to consider while preparing for a commercial demolition project.  

  • Which method best suits your demolition project under consideration?
  • What services do you need? 
  • What caters best to your needs, a partial or complete demolition?
  • Which are the best demolition contractors in Melbourne suitable to undertake the work?
  • What permissions do you need?

It’s while finding an answer to all these questions that you come up with a proper plan for your demolition project. 

  •  Never Resort to DIY

A commercial demolition work, irrespective of its scale, demands a systematic approach and skilled hands to undertake the work efficiently. So, when you resort to DIY you are not only compromising with the success of your demolition project but also compromising with your safety. There are an endless number of things that can go wrong at any demolition site and all of these could only be prevented through expertise and experience. 

Any demolition work involves:

  • Preparing a proper blueprint of the work
  • Finding the right method
  • Acquiring the necessary permits
  • Properly using all the equipment
  • Inspecting the site for asbestos exposure
  • Undertaking all the safety measures required
  • Conducting a proper risk assessment
  • Post-work cleanup

And when you DIY, you have to take care of it all on your own. That does sound like a lot of work, doesn’t it? So, why take the hard way and bring in the scope of errors to your demolition site 

  •  Hire an Expert Demolition Company

What’s a better way to ensure the expert flow of your commercial demolition project than trusting experts? So, rather than resorting to DIY or settling for any mediocre demolition company, compare and choose the best for your project. That way you can be doubly sure that the work proceeds without any errors while minimizing the possibility of errors to the minimum. 

Tips to find the best demolition company

  • Look for experience. 
  • Go through their track record and customer reviews. 
  • See if they have prior experience in handling a similar project. 
  • Make sure that they are a licensed team and have all the licenses and registrations including worksafe license and VPA and EBA registrations. 
  • Ensure if they specialize in on-time delivery of work. 
  •  Take all the Safety and Precautionary Measures

When you take all the necessary safety and precautionary measures, you secure for yourself the possibility of a safe and error-free demolition experience. So, before you proceed with the demolition work, make sure that you have all the safety measures in place and that work proceeds only in accordance with these measures. 

These safety measures includes:

  • Ensuring that everyone on site wears a 5-part PPE i.e., Personal Protective Equipment that includes Safety gloves, High visibility vest, Hard hat, Safety glasses and Steel-Toe Cap Boots. 
  • Turn off all the machines and equipment when not in use. 
  • Take all the adequate noise and dust control measures to reduce the impact of the work on the environment.
  • Inform the nearby residents of the work to avoid any casualties during the demolition work. 
  • Make sure that you keep children away from the demolition site. 
  • Make sure to disable all the electricity lines before starting the demolition work. 
  • Allow only certified professionals to undertake the demolition work. 
  • Ensure that all the workers at the site are versed with all the safety measures. 

So, if you properly follow all these tips, you can easily avoid any commercial demolition failure and ensure the smooth flow of work. Being a team of efficient commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne we proceed with the work only while following the best practices in the industry and errors of any kind have no space in the projects that we undertake. So, in case you have any commercial demolition project at hand, you can get in touch with us at Merhi Group and secure for yourself a safe and secure demolition experience.