Sat. May 18th, 2024
Art Deco

If you’re considering the Art Deco interior design style, you must be ready to go bold in a big way. Rich colors, bold patterns, symmetry, and a great deal of detail are key aspects of the style. All of which is wrapped up in luxury and sophistication.

Art Deco saw the peak of its global popularity in the 30s, but the movement began a few decades earlier.

While the style is long past its heyday, it remains relevant today as one of the most iconic styles that have stood the taste of time.

One of the things that have kept Art Deco alive is its ability to mix with all kinds of styles from different eras. If you want your own unique version of Art Deco, you can easily make it happen.

Now, if you’re wondering how to feature Art Deco in any room, let’s get down to it.

For the Living Room

The right color palette is one of the first things to consider when it comes to an Art Deco living room. It will set the tone for the rest of the decor. From there, you can bring in materials and fabrics to flesh out the style.

Art Deco was known for its geometric shapes and designs, which it borrowed from various art movements like Cubism.

If your living room can accommodate a bold, accent wall displaying these shapes, give it a try. Alternatively, wallpaper in geometric patterns would do just fine.

Now hint at Art Deco with deep colors like black, blue, and green. Let the color scheme thrive on saturated tones but balance deep shades with muted ones. Fabrics and other accessories can help you create that elegant but balanced atmosphere.

Curved forms and shapes are a huge part of the style. Add elements that bring this theme to the front, like accent furniture and even decorative pieces like mirrors and artwork.

Create lines and symmetry with your pieces by pairing them well. A bold, patterned area rug can help create the streamlined look your Art Deco living room needs.

For the Bedroom

Back when Art Deco was in full swing, elaborate pieces were used to create an atmosphere of luxury and art. You don’t necessarily need rare, ornate furniture to bring out the style.

You could replace the headboard you already have or redo it for more arches. Do the same with the dresser and nightstand by adding some curves. A rug with strong patterns or geometric shapes will enhance the look even more.

Remember, colors are just as important in your bedroom. For wood finishes, dark tones are ideal. Glass and metal accents are another way of getting your bedroom to scream Art Deco while adding another layer of color into your space.

For the Kitchen

If you can do something about the tiles in your kitchen, don’t hesitate because they have the ability to catapult your look. Art Deco always boasted over-the-top designs and shapes as key elements.

Tiles in colorful, trapezoidal shapes would be a good place to start. Still, regardless of your current kitchen design, you can accessorize to infuse Art Deco without too much fuss.

Mirrored, gold, or brass handles are go-to’s but so is your statement piece. You need one thing that sets the tone for everything else. Glossy cabinets and brass finishes can do the trick. If you can afford an ornate chandelier, go for it. Otherwise, you may use light sconces made of brass to nail the look.

A black-and-white kitchen is easier when it comes to color. But you may use other bold colors and utilize accessories like the island cabinets and lighting fixtures to neutralize the color scheme.

For the Bathroom

Is it possible to pull off an Art Deco bathroom?

Interior designers think it’s pretty easy since bathrooms tend to be minimalist. A few loud pieces installed just right can easily get the job done.

Streamlined shapes and vibrant colors are key to transforming your bathroom into an oasis. Go bold with the tiles, either on the walls or the floor. Deep colors like lacquer black for the bathtub can help create a statement.

While you don’t really need artwork in the bathroom, a curved mirror would be ideal. And lastly, you don’t want to forget the metallic lighting fixtures and handles. Remember, brass is always a go-to.

Final Thoughts

Pulling off a rich and iconic interior design style like Art Deco can seem daunting. You may be stressing over following the rules, but the thing with modern takes on Art Deco is that you’re free to come up with your own interpretation of the style.