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Now that your wedding day is over, you’re eagerly waiting to get those photos to create memories. Wedding photographers have different timelines; ideally, this is a topic you need to discuss before booking. The time it takes to get your photos back depends on the photographer’s process and the complexity of the order. Below is a general idea of how long it will take to get your photos from a wedding photographer:

How Long Will It Take to Get My Photos?

Photographers take around three to six weeks to deliver edited photos after the wedding. Some may deliver the photos in two weeks, while others may take almost two months. Most photographers send several teaser photos or ‘sneak peaks’ to the couple to keep them entertained while waiting to edit the rest of the images. 

Your photographer will advise you when you will most likely get the photos before booking them. They will also communicate clearly about the delivery time in the contract.

There is a high chance that the couple will not remember the editing time stated in the contract. A professional will sometimes email the couple congratulating them and informing them about the editing time. 

For couples, if the photographer fails to reach out, you can send them a polite email asking them the duration it will take to get the photos. Experienced photographers know this information based on the time of the year you plan your wedding and past experiences. During the peak season, they capture many weddings, meaning they spend most of the day away from the computer.

Why Does It Take So Long to Get My Photos Back?

Wedding photographers spend more time editing photos than they do capturing them. Here are some of the steps involved in the editing process:

Deleting Unwanted Photos

Photographers take time to filter photos for editing, which is a long process. They focus on choosing photos of great quality that will tell a story about the wedding. Remember that not all images captured will be a masterpiece because the photographer might capture you mid-sentence or blink.

Telling the Story

Photographers select photos that best tell the wedding story and the groom and bride’s character. They take time to improve the file’s sharpness, contrast, exposure, and hue.


The photographer edits the photos using specialized software. Editing is the longest part of preparing wedding photos. The process is long because every photographer has a unique way of capturing and editing photos. 

Editing makes all photos have a cohesive mood and look. The photographer’s signature is usually a result of having their unique style due to consistent editing. 

Preparing the Wedding Album

A photographer prepares the edited photos by designing and printing a wedding book or combining the photos into an online wedding album. The online albums are usually accessible at any time as long as the photographer gives you the password.

Do Photographers Give Out All Photos That They Take?

Wedding photographers usually deliver edited photos that look great. That’s the reason why you hire a professional photographer in the first place. You want to avoid going through hundreds of photos to identify which photos are best. The photographer will do that task for you. They will make sure to only give you the best quality photos.

Tips to Get Your Wedding Photos Faster


If you are on a time crunch and need your photos back sooner, inform your photographer during the initial appointment. They can help discuss deadlines and you can see if they are willing to rush your return date. 

Check Your Email Regularly

Respond to any emails sent by your photographer accordingly. If you will be in a location where your cell reception may be an issue, communicate such details when signing your contract. Timely responses will help your photographer with time management and decision-making.

Find Reliable Wedding Photographers

You deserve to have beautiful photos and videos that you’ll cherish forever. Look for wedding photographers with the style of photography you love that will fit within your budget. 

Choose a photographer with a reputation for delivering photos within the time frame stated in the contract. A photographer with vast experience shooting weddings will be able to edit the photos promptly while still delivering a high-quality product.

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