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Your kids have grown and now you want a 4-seater for your family. With that, Japanese cars in Zimbabwe might be your ideal choice. Japanese cars are known for their durability, engine efficiency, road performance, and maintenance. Moreover, people from Africa prefer Japanese used cars and not only Africa, overall, all continents. 

In 2020, Japan exported 99.5 thousand vehicles to Africa. The highest record export of vehicles took place in 2014 with 184.5 thousand units. Japanese used car outgrowing European and American manufacturers by affordability and performance. 

Let’s check out how to import a car from Japan to Zimbabwe and how long does it take. 

Vehicle and the Exporter 

The first step and the crucial one is to consult a reliable exporter in Japan. You can check the email address, present company address, landline or phone number, and the past customer reviews about their service. Make sure to clear all the doubts with your trader. Also, there will be an inspection sheet, which will say a lot about the condition of the vehicle. 

The 2nd step is to choose your vehicle from the trader stock. There will be enough stock available on the website, so you can easily go through the list and purchase your desired vehicle. 

Select your port 

It’s time to choose the port, where your Japanese cars Zimbabwe will be traded. The vehicle can be ported to the Zimbabwe border, the Beitbridge, or Zimbabwe. Moreover, most of the consumers choose Dar-es-Salaam port in Tanzania or Durban in South Africa. People usually drive the car from Dar-es-Salaam by themselves. If you Durban, it will be directly delivered to your doorstep. It is much more convenient to import a car from Japan to Zimbabwe, which is most people from Zimbabwe prefer Japanese used cars. 

Pay for the vehicle 

It’s better to pay for the Japanese cars in Zimbabwe on time, or else, it can result in a loss. Once, you click “Order” or “Buy now”, there will be an invoice sent to you at your provided email address. Make sure the exporter acknowledges the payment once you pay for it. The invoice contains the following details: – 

  1. Freight Charge of the port from Japan to Zimbabwe. 
  2. FOB charges. It prefers the price tag of the car. 
  3. The insurance of the vehicle, you have chosen. It ensures the safety of the vehicle. 
  4. CIF charges. The total cost, insurance, and freight charges. 

The freight charge depends on the port, you choose. There will be minor changes if you choose the port Harare. 

Shipping of the vehicle 

Once everything is done, the shipping process will take place. It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks for the vehicle to be shipped from Japan to Zimbabwe. 

Required Documents 

  1. Bill of Landing. 
  2. The Export Certificate. 
  3. The Invoice of the vehicle. 

Port Clearing 

It’s time to clear your vehicle on the port. Once your vehicle arrives at the port, you need to hire a clearing agent, who will clear your vehicle on the port. Just pass him the bill of landing and everything will be done. 


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