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Finance is much dry and frustrating subject to me since always. I soon get bored while doing my finance assignments but I always managed to cope with them successfully. But once it became much more stressful for me. Here are sharing my most troublesome finance assignment experience which I completed just a night before the submission.

Waiting for the Deadline was My Biggest Mistake

Academic procrastination is a common practice among students (Ugwuanyi et al., 2020) which mostly leads them to miss the deadlines of their assignments or come up with highly quality-compromised assignments at the last moment. I know the fact and that’s why I never delay my work rather avoid procrastination as much as I can. But when I got a finance assignment in the last semester of my bachelor’s degree, it was delayed unintentionally. I had one week to complete it but my mother suddenly fell ill and I became unable to do my work.

The reason was genuine but I shouldn’t have procrastinated on my work. One of my friends suggested me to take Finance Assignment Writing Service from assignment writers UK based but I ignored her advice and regretted it afterward. Then I got busy with my other academic tasks completing forgetting that the finance assignment is the marked one which I had to complete on priority. Just a night before submission, I realized the fact, and that time I was already at the dead-end.

My Finance Assignment Struggles A Night before Submission

As the deadline was knocking on my head, I can’t delay my work anymore, therefore, around 7 pm I read the assignment question. It was an analysis of a case study concerning international finance and my mind was just started to shudder. Following are the factors that added to my stress.

  • I didn’t have a Plan

I had no idea where to begin and what to do first. The assignment was lengthy that required both research and critical analysis. I didn’t have any idea in mind how to proceed with it. Therefore, my mind just got blank for a while thinking of how I would complete it over a night.

  • I Didn’t Have Enough Time to Analyze the Case Study

If you have read any sort of a case study, you must how hard it is to understand with the right context. However, I started reading it but that 75 pages text became interminable to me. The more quickly I was trying to do with reading, the more time it was taking to be completed. Also, I wasn’t getting the meaning of a single statement.

  • Stress wasn’t letting me Write Even a Single Word

Somehow I managed to comprehend the case study but when I picked up my pen to mind map the important points, my fear of losing grades overwhelmed me and I found myself unable to write a single word.

How I Dealt with My Finance Assignment at the 11th Hour

I didn’t have any option other than accepting my finance assignment as a challenge and making it a success. I didn’t want to miss the deadline, nor could I let it break my academic record. So, the following are the steps I took to complete my assignment with courage.

  • I Calmed Down Myself

I knew the fact that I can never cope with the situation with such a stressful mind. I took a glass of chilled water and calmed down myself. Then I settled myself at a peaceful corner of my home and started taking notes of what I had understood by reading the case study. Sustaining my academic career was the goal that motivated me that whole night.

  • I Prepared the Outline

At almost 8:30 pm, I outlined a plan about how I am going to complete my assignment, what areas of the case studies I will focus on the most, and under the light of which approach I would address it. Also, I highlighted some key points in the case study to use them as evidence to my claims in my assignment. What I realized later that outlining my work was a really good step. An outline doesn’t only let you proceed with a swift flow but also organize your work (Taylor, 2020).

  • Google Scholar helped me in Research

I wasn’t sure about how I could collect the authentic facts, figures, and critical views for my assignment. I searched for the solution online and I found Google Scholar search results the most accurate and credible. Scholarly articles and research papers from the indexed journals helped me in my finance assignment research and I gathered the valuable information to complete my study.

  • Completion of the First Draft Was a Success to Me

Presenting my arguments clearly and concisely in my assignment and adding the collected data without going irrelevant wasn’t easy for me. Further, I was also concerned about the structure of the assignment whether I am following the right pattern. Then I included the references of the sources I used in the research. When I was done with the first draft, my ultimate reaction was a sigh of relief.

  • It was 2 am when I looked for the Assistance Online

After the completion of the first draft, there was a need for editing and proofreading so that I can finalize my assignment. But, due to focusing on the books and the laptop screen for long hours, heartache caught my brain and I was left with no more energy to edit and proofread my manuscript. Therefore, I decided to take assistance online for editing and proofreading from a finance assignment writing service. For this purpose, I looked for a reliable company and finally I got one.

  • Next Day Was the Successful Submission

The source I chose for my assignment helped, delivered me the edited and modified copy of my assignment the next morning. I was so happy that I have finally made it. I opened my student portal and before my online class was started, I was done with my finance assignment submission.

Final Statement

This is how I completed my assignment just a night before submission. This last moment experience taught me a great lesson that you must believe in yourself to achieve the milestones. You shouldn’t fear the challenges but you should accept them courageously to showcase the best of your effort, potential, and strengths.


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