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As a caring pet parent, you’re surely aware that a routine veterinarian visit is one of the most important things you can do for your cat. But, the question here is how often should you take your cat to his/her veterinarian? 

There is no hard and fast rule; the frequency of your vet visits depends on your cat’s age and lifestyle. Here, we’ve listed some general tips for you that might help you. 

Young kittens need monthly visits to their veterinarian to stay updated on their vaccinations. However, an adult housecat may require a bi-annual checkup to ensure that everything is good. In this write-up, we’ll discuss when to take your cats to the vet to keep them happy and healthy.

For Kitten (birth- 1year)

For the first 16 weeks, kittens should see their veterinarian once every 3-4 weeks. Your kittens may have to take various vaccines during these appointments to help protect them from several contagious and life-threatening diseases. Based on your kitten’s state, your cat vet can assist you in determining the best vaccine plan.

For Adult Cats (1 year – 10 years)

Adult cats should get a complete health checkup, including a stool sample tested for parasites and updated yearly immunizations. Most importantly, check for plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and crown pathology symptoms in your feline. Based on your cat’s medical examination, your veterinarian may recommend a professional dental cleaning and assessment in the future. 

For Senior Cats (10 years+)

Felines, like people, develop more health problems as they get older, which may lead to frequent visits to the veterinarian. Furthermore, cats are good at hiding pain and suffering, so you need to be observant to see when something is wrong.

Felines over the age of ten may need to visit their veterinarians up to three times a year, especially if they have obesity, arthritis, liver problems, or kidney problems. During this age bracket, it’s critical to keep an eye on your feline buddy for any changes in their routine. If your senior cat begins to show any symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, or significant weight loss, you should seek veterinary treatment immediately. 

When to take a cat to the vet immediately?

The preventive method is generally better than reactive care, so the more wellness examinations your cat undergoes, the more likely you would detect problems early on. Consulting with a certified online veterinarian is one of the best ways to get stress-free preventive care.

The following are signs of potential health issues that necessitate a visit to the veterinarian immediately:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Increased vocalization
  • Changes in stool or urine color

To Sum Up:

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