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Among the various construction materials lumber is used for various purposes. Due to its physical structures, working, and appeal, the material is used as a luxury. To understand its usage, contractors, project owners, and others can have lumber takeoffs against the project plans. It is also a luxury because of other reasons such as its source and the effort required to get the material. But to get lumber or timber, we have to go through different processes.

Lumber – Material

Lumber or timber comes from processed tree stems. It goes through different tools, types of machinery, processes, and experts before the material is put for usage. Once all this is sorted and done, it is used for various purposes and reasons.

But before it becomes commercially available for usage, there is a long procedure. This procedure includes:

Growing the right trees to their fullest

The first step to have these is to grow the right trees. Lumber or timber is harvested from trees such as pine, fir, hemlock, spruce, and cedar. These take decades to grow to their full capacity before they can be harvested. Thus, they are planted strategically. The right locations and conditions are picked to plant trees. 

Now, genetic engineering too is utilized to achieve the required output. Genetic engineering is utilized to help with the best growth with respect to height and speed.

Harvesting logs and picking the right ones

Once the trees have grown to their fullest, they need harvesting. For this, lumberjacks utilize a vast set of machinery and tools such as skidders, loader operators, feller bunchers, and others. Lumberjacks carefully carry out all the concerning processes.

Right trees are picked within the forest and they are harvested. Sorting the available trees is an important step before actually harvesting them. As they are harvested as logs, they are processed. This process includes smoothing the outer surface such as chopping off branches from the log. Afterwards, the log is cut into standard size for transportation

Transporting the logs to the sawmill

As the logs are prepared into standard log size, it need transportation. This step also involved different machinery. Standard-sized logs are carried, loaded, and then transported from the forest to the sawmill for final processing.

Lumberjacks use a loader operator to carry the logs and load them onto the log truck. Then they drive off these logs to the sawmill.

Sawmill processes of logs

This is the final step of processing. Logs are put through a wide set of processes and are carried in the sawmill to finalize the material in useful forms. Similarly, different sets of tools and types of machinery are used to carry out these processes. 

Experts called scalers are the key apparatuses in this. First, they analyze and ensure that the logs are up to the standards. After analyzing the logs, they are unloaded and placed in a machine called debarker. This machine removes the bark from logs. 

Next, the round shape of the log is changed into squares. As minimum as possible material, such as sawdust, is removed from the logs to achieve the intended result. The removed bark and sawdust are used in alternative means. Mulch product is made from bark and wood pellets are made from sawdust.

Then, the VDA saw is used to accurately cut the squared-shaped logs into standard sizes for their widths. The saw ensures the highest level of accuracy for the cutting process. These too minimize the wastage and generation of sawdust. At the same time, knots are minded during the cutting process.

On the other hand, for cutting their lengths, the green trim saw is used. It works in a similar manner like the VDA saw about minimizing wastage and minding the knots.

Lastly, they are dried both through ovens and through air. As per the need and nature of the material, they are dried. This removes the moisture in the material and makes it sufficient for all sorts of usage.

By going through these steps, lumber material is achieved for usage. while the material is a luxury, it needs to pass through the set steps. 


Lumber as a construction material is used as a luxury for its vast uses. These ranges as per the different projects. To understand these, concerned ones can have lumber takeoff services. But in order for it to have to be used, the material needs to go through a long process.

By Richard Maxwell

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