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Concealers for hair loss are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of quick fixes for hiding bald spots and thinning hair. Many individuals use hair concealers because they believe they are simple to use. 

Hair concealers are products that have been developed to temporarily cover up hair loss. This can be accomplished by temporarily coloring the skin or by adding fibers to existing hair to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. 

Lordhair will discuss how concealers work and also suggest the best solution for hair loss! 

Here is How Hair Concealers Work!

Color Thickeners 

Color thickeners often come in the form of a spray and are merely colored sprays that are sprayed to the hair to provide the illusion of temporarily having thicker hair. The sprays are available in a variety of colors, and they can be used to provide the illusion of fullness to regions of the hair that are thinning or balding. In addition, folks who dye their hair can use the sprays to touch up the roots of their color.


Like hair sprays, hair powders are made of pigmented powder that is usually spread on the scalp with a small brush. The color then sits on top of the scalp and mixes with the hair around it. Powders don’t give strong color as sprays or fibers, so they are best used in small areas where the hair is starting to thin.

Hair Fibers 

The hair fibers in the hair work to make the hair look instantly thicker and fuller. Some fibers are made of the same kind of protein that is in real hair, which makes them look more natural. 

The fibers have a static charge, which creates a magnetic effect that holds them tightly to hair strands. Hair fibers look most natural on people with thin hair because the fibers need to attach to hair strands.

It is important to note that some people don’t like hair concealers or want a more permanent solution after a while.

The Best Solution for Hair Loss 

Lordhair makes hair systems for men out of high-quality human hair that can be customized to fit your needs. Lordhair non-surgical toupees will give you beautiful hair instantly!

Champion Remy Toupee 

The toupee has a full French lace base and bleached knots, so it looks as real as a men’s lace hair system can.

Quantum Premier Toupee 

The complex base and 100% natural premium human hair give you a lace frontal that looks natural. The top and front of this system’s base are made of French lace, and the sides are made of thin skin. Each strand of hair is tied to the base by itself, giving it a more realistic look while keeping its strength. It is one of the best Lordhair toupees!

Bottom Line 

Concealers are great to conceal hair loss but you might need to apply them often and repeatedly, Lordhair offers an instant and quick solution. Choose premium toupees from Lordhair at

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