Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Cyber securityHow does a Cyber security app protect you from cyber frauds?

As soon as your mobile or computer connects to the internet, the apprehensions encompassing the safety and security of your personal information take a steep rise.

Internet is never a safe place, albeit an inevitable part of our daily personal and professional life. However, safety is always a questionable aspect of the internet. It is this exposure to unguarded networks, malicious threats and rising cybercrimes that has raised alarms for internet users. Safe browsing, working, and shopping over the web have become a prime concern for every individual. And as necessity breeds innovation, most third-party applications have entered the security landscape to strive for enhanced web user security.

A cyber security mobile app has become critical for individuals and it is a secure way to keep your personal information away from the reach of cybercriminals. Not only does it notify you of a suspected fraud through the different types of cybercrimes, but also safeguards your device from malware or virus infestation that can steal your data.

These apps secure your mobile device and include some common features such as:

1. Scan phone for any malware, or viruses: 

Some malicious programs or apps disguise themselves as regular, protected apps. Installing them can compromise your device’s security and encroach on your Google or other accounts. A third party app runs a full system scan in real-time whenever you install a new app, download an external document or perform regular anti-malware and anti-virus protection. It warns you or blocks the program from opening and accessing your personal information to protect your confidential information. 

2. Applock

Applock is the privacy protection feature that enables you to lock any file on your device, and hide images, and videos with a password or biometric lock. 

3. Unsecured Wifi detection

Most of the public wireless networks usually use a WEP open authentication. It is an unsecured connection that when connected with your device can intercept your personal data and compromise. your confidential information. A third party cyber security app detects an unsecured WiFi connection with a notification/warning, whenever your device is open for the wireless network. 

4. Blocking access to Malicious websites

Often you receive a link in your SMS or email, which when clicked redirects you to a website, that might seem suspicious. Such messages usually come from sources that seem legitimate at the face value but hide malicious intentions of compromising your personal data and stealing your information for monetary benefit. A third party cyber security app not only alerts you of such messages with suspicious links but also blocks the websites to protect your device from falling prey to the malicious acts. 

5. Scan Mobile device security settings

Most often than not, you keep your mobile device security settings at default. This can sometimes turn out to be an issue for the user, as the security settings might authorize access to a legitimate-looking malicious app or website. A cyber security app foolproofs this factor by scanning the mobile device security settings for any such vulnerability. It scans the browser settings, saved passcodes and intimates you of any abnormality. 

6. Improving the performance of the mobile device by killing unnecessary apps and clearing memory cache

Cache files are the temporary storage, non-essential files, when deleted will not affect the functionality of your device. While devices tend to drain from cache data, bugs with cache files are a common phenomenon. A user might not always delete cache data on their own on a regular basis, which will decrease the performance of the device. A cyber security app does this function for you on a regular basis to speed up your device and enables you to enjoy browsing at improved performance. 

While there are a lot of mobile security apps such as Quick Heal, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc, one app that stands out from the rest is Finlock. 

Addressing the landscape of cyber security, Finlock has entered as India’s first AI-powered online fraud protection app. Its comprehensive protection from online frauds, by offering proactive solutions and post-fraud support is a distinct feature to help you recover cybercrime losses. Finlock, in contrast to the other apps, is focused on detecting and preventing frauds and is not restricted to device security. Finlock’s advanced technology detects fraud happening through most basic channels (SMS, email, text messages, phone calls, downloading apps, websites) which other security apps are not covering. 

Its mission drives towards creating a safe online space while helping others secure their hard-earned money. Finlock works with the objective of promoting a “Truly Safe” online environment, where no one has to fall prey to criminal activities and lose their finances. Moreover, Finlock provides dedicated support and stolen funds reimbursement of up to ₹5 lakh in the event of online fraud.

Reiterating the features, a cybersecurity app such as Finlock works round-the-clock and notifies you of any fraudulent attempt on your system. It protects against the following frauds:

1. Phishing websites 

Phishing involves sending a message or email with a link to a fake website that might resemble a legitimate one. It could be a fake bank website link or even an e-commerce site link. The fraudster would message you under the disguise of a genuine associate and raise an urgency to update your login information through the link, or else your account would be suspended. Upon clicking on the link and entering the login details, the fraudsters would gain access to your personal information and use it against you. 

2. SMS frauds

SMS fraud is that in which the phone number displays the originating address to be different from its actual origin. In such theft, the fraudster steals the mobile number of someone and misuses it to message others in order to extort money or cause a reputation loss.

3. OTP frauds

A common fraud is where hackers dupe bank customers by first calling them, masquerading as a bank executive or insurance executive. They propose a tempting opportunity or raise an urgency concerning the financial account, and send an OTP to gain access to their account. Upon disclosing the OTP, the fraudsters initiate a series of payment transactions to clean the customer out. 

4. UPI frauds

UPI or unified payment gateway has become immensely popular amongst the Indian customer base, for its user-friendly features. With the expansive customer platform, fraudsters are eyeing this domain to swindle people and gain illegitimate monetary benefits. 

5. SIM Swap Frauds

Under the pervasive SIM swap frauds, fraudsters obtain your mobile number, and bank account details through different fraud methods such as phishing, vishing, malware attack etc. Upon stealing your identity, they ask the telecom provider for a SIM replacement under the pretext of SIM loss or for a new mobile phone. They produce fake documents under your name, operate your bank account by transferring money into their account and use the new SIM for SMS alerts, without you knowing about it. 

6. Malicious Apps 

Malicious apps are the type of viruses or malware such as spyware ransomware or unwanted software that is unknowingly installed on your device. This malware starts stealing your personal information such as bank details, pictures, videos etc. and uses it against you to extort money. 

Finlock app spots fraudulent transactions performed unknowingly or knowingly by a scammer, under the disguise of either urgency or a warning. It also sends an alert via SMS/email so that the user can identify the suspicious transactions and report them to the concerned bank at the right time.

Finlock knows the importance of reporting a cybercrime – something which many people don’t know, how. Finlock app has user-friendly workflows to guide people on steps to report cybercrime. It offers a unique proposition to help you get back your stolen money up to Rs. 5 lakh through their cyber insurance coverage.

Concluding remark

The roadmap to stringent security measures in protecting yourself against cyber security threats that shields your device against financial and peace-of-mind loss is highly vital. Loss of data and finances for a person is huge damage, but the breach of trust and peace disruption is irreparable. Rescuing you and your device in such a potentially dangerous situation is a proactive app, Finlock that is designed with cutting-edge features to tackle new-age cyber crimes. being India’s first AI-powered online fraud protection app, Finlock offers fool-proof protection against the most sophisticated cyber threats, by sending out alerts 24/7 on all types of cyber threats, enabling you to identify suspicious activities and mitigate their encroachment.