Grocery is an inevitable part of our shopping list. While inflation is affecting all sectors of society, even everyday items are getting hit and eventually burdening the common man’s monthly budget. In this situation, many businesses come to their rescue with special offers to help them buy goods at affordable prices. These offers are a huge attraction for customers looking for budget-friendly marts.  

There are multiple shopping centers that offer weekly ads and discounts to attract customers. For Example, the recent El Super weekly ads have a 5-page flyer advertising discounts across several items. They also let the customers subscribe to their weekly specials who get notified regarding ads and deals. In their sales strategy, the consumer can avail manifold benefits. 



The foremost benefit of weekly discounts is that they grant a pocket-friendly approach to a common man’s shopping routine. There are hundreds of offers through which you can get everyday items at the most affordable prices, thereby helping you plan your monthly budget. However, don’t forget to check out their official websites for offers before leaving the house. 

As the prices of transportation, clothing, bills, etc., are incessantly increasing, getting relief on grocery items is a huge deal. Moreover, saving money on everyday groceries means that you can buy some additional items too. Thus, it is not only pocket-friendly but also helps you broaden your shopping list.  


One of the special things about marts is that you can get everything in one place. Weekly ads and flyers of shopping marts lead you to that store where you can get all your grocery items. As a result, you don’t have to struggle at multiple places to find the best prices, thus creating a convenient experience.  

If we consider working moms, they already have a very tight schedule managing family, kids, and everything else in the house. So, El Super weekly ads help them get everything from one store, saving time and money. Moreover, they don’t have to leave their kids for long, giving them a peaceful shopping time. 

Experimenting with new brands 

It is common human nature that we get attracted to discounts. No matter what kind or whether we need the product, we still stop and consider it at least once because of the attractive price. Similarly, when you come across a heavier discount for the same product on some new brand, you definitely go for it at least once. 

This experiment sometimes makes you switch to a new, much better brand. You might’ve been ignoring it because of its high price. However, you actually like the quality of the product once you try it, making it your new regular. Thus, the weekly ads and offers lead to trying out new bands and items, which sometimes turn out to be better than the ones you regularly use. 

Special membership deals 

When you shop at one place regularly, you become their valued customer. One thing about businesses is that they take special care of their regular customers. So being a regular customer of any mart brings opportunities like becoming a member, through which you can get special discounts even when no other offers are going on.  

Being a valued customer, you get special treatment, discounts, and deals, making you feel like a worthy member of the mart family. Moreover, you get a fixed place to shop which is more convenient than finding a new place every time. As a result, getting weekly offers gives you a variety of shopping discounts and helps you buy thriftily and efficiently. 


Weekly ads and flyers are the easiest way to attract potential customers. However, it is more beneficial for the consumers as they get multiple benefits that save time as well as money. These discounts are an easy way to catch up with the ongoing discounts and avail their benefits.  

If you become a member of one of the marts or subscribe to their ads, such as El Super weekly ads, you will never miss any deal. This is because they take care of their special customers and send them personal notifications. This way, you don’t have to worry about spending heavily on groceries. Instead, check out various deals on their website and go to the store or order online for more convenient shopping.