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security guards

A security guard is a person who considers securing a place, property, and another valuable thing under him. Their work is to stop crime from happening and protect their area from dangerous activity. The prime responsibility of a security guard is risk mitigating and making sure people and property are safe.

A security guard is an utmost requirement of any institution and department. Before hiring, a security guard asked about his previous work. In this way, you can know his skills and role in the past.

Responsibilities of security guards

Many responsibilities have to perform by a security guard let us know about them:

Provide a Safe environment

A security guard has to complete a check on interior and exterior allowed areas. After duty time he has to check windows, doors, and gates with keen observation. That’s the way he creates a safe environment.


The responsibility of a security guard is to be alert every time. He has to take an eye on any misbehaving or suspicious person. He has an alarming sense to recognize him.

Give protection

The security guard has to be capable of protecting clients and visitors in any department or sector. He can judge annoying people by their gestures and give hints to the owner to protect others.  


The responsibility of the Security guard is trustworthy and honest. In the presence of a security guard, no one can claim to steal equipment or accessories. He is responsible for all those things which are under his control.

Obey orders with care

A security guard performs different tasks and he is responsible for obeying all orders which come from authority. His responsibility is to remember them and obey them with great care.

Skills of security guard

A security guard has to perform different tasks and has responsibilities on him. To carry these he has to be skilled and trained. Every security guard should have these main skills:

o   Fitness and good physical strength

o   Power to solve problems fast and effectively

o   Good behavior and politeness

o   Highly communication skill

o   The ability to recognize a person

o   Eye of observation on activities

o   Knowledge of modern technical system

o   Prevent crime

Types of guards

Security guards are hired for organizations, businesses, and private individuals. Here are some types of security guards mentioned:

Unarmed Guards

The common type of security guard is an unarmed guard. These guards are responsible for performing duties in industries, organizations, and venues and responsible for managing, monitoring, and operating security cameras and related equipment, and also foot patrols.

Mobile guards

Mobile guards patrol in the vicinity of a particular area in a vehicle that is allotted to them by their competent authority. These guards are mostly present in or around local malls, airports, community colleges, or corporate campuses. They are responsible for consistent security.

Armed guards

Armed guards are higher-level security guards and they are fully aware of the law and they provide quick responses in dangerous situations.

Residential guards

Residential guards are involved in watch programs and provide a consistent type of security to local neighborhoods and societies.

Why School security guard needed?

School security guards are responsible for the safety of school staff and their students permanently within their office hours. They monitor the school building within their vicinity and in any emergency response to danger.

Responsibilities of school security guard

As above we discuss the responsibilities of security guards but now we take a view on school guards’ responsibilities which are somehow different from security guards. Some of the responsibilities of school security guards are:

o   Inspection and patrol of their allotted premises

o   Monitoring the school building entrance

o   Permit to inter the only authorized people and vehicles

o   Timely report to suspicious activities or behaviors

o   Secure the whole school building, grounds, doors, windows, and exits

o   Monitor security cameras in the school building

Benefits of school security guards

As crimes in schools and incidents occur, it is necessary to hire school security guards. After having a security guard in school the number of crimes is reduced. For the protection of school teachers and students, there are many benefits to hiring school security guards.

Reduction in fighting and bullying

As the students in schools or campuses are more aggressive in any situation and become difficult to handle today, there is much need for security guards for interference. The school security guard is very beneficial to eliminate fighting and bullying among students.

Instant help in conditions of emergency

School security guards play an important role in handling mishaps that occurred in school accidentally. Slips fall and other accidents happen when a person is needed for immediate help. Then the school security guard is provided first aid outside if it is not available in school.

Kid’s observation

School security guard always has a keen eye on each child. They knew every child by his gestures and outside school activity. If he takes notice of any wrong things he precedes this problem to head for investigation.

Secure children from an unknown person  

School security guards protect children from unknown persons and harmful activities. If any unknown person does any act forcefully with any kid he stops him and reports to the school authority to take an action.

Check on entrance

If any school has no security guard any stranger can enter the school with any harmful intention. But the school security guard firstly makes sure to allow those people who come have a real need to enter.

Escape children from harmful things

School security guards make checks on students so that they do not take any dangerous equipment like knives, seizures, guns, and other items with them to school which can cause harm to others.

Security is the prime and utmost necessity in today’s age to prevent crimes.  If you want to have security guards and school security guards then make a call to Prince Security service. It is security companies that have professionally trained uniformed guards and security officers who provide full security services.