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Personal injury lawsuits have been smeared by the public to sound like whiny people trying to get free money: but that’s just not the case.  Everyone deserves to be able to get the cash they need to work through an accident that happened to them at no fault of their own, even though many may judge this.

Whether you’re looking to hire your first personal injury lawyer, or you’re just curious about how the system works: this is everything you need to know about how personal injury lawyers get paid and what that means for the person who hired them.

Why Everyone Should Seek an Injury Lawyer When Needed

You may not think you’ll ever need a personal injury lawyer, but more people need them than you’ll believe.  They’re important for everything from car crashes to malpractice cases and even incidents, including mental health.  Although many assume they’re just ambulance chasers: these lawyers are here to help you and ensure you can get back to living your regular life as soon as possible.

Not only do they go over your case information and let you know what your outlook is better than any other source, but they also fight for you in court to ensure you win that money.  There’s nobody better to have on your side than a personal injury lawyer.

Hourly Pay

Hourly pay is an extremely common way of paying lawyers that ensures that they get paid regardless of how the case turns out.  Of course, they’ll be sure to work as hard as possible to ensure you win your case: but the hourly pay ensures that they can continue to afford to eat and live even if they don’t win their case. 

Contingent Pay

Contingent pay is what most people are familiar with when they watch commercials or law movies and shows.  This plan ensures that clients don’t pay anything unless they win their case.  At that point, the lawyers get paid through the winnings so that they can afford to go on to the next case.  With how many people struggle with money after a personal injury, this ensures that nobody has to worry about not getting a good lawyer just because their case is rough.

It’s Usually a Mix

There’s no lawyer who only works hourly or only does contingency pay.  Most lawyers take this on a literal case-by-case basis.  If a client that they believe is absolutely going to win needs some help because of financial difficulty, a contingency plan will ensure that they’re able to sue and win.  On the other hand, lawyers still deserve to get paid, so if they don’t think a case is going to do well, but a client is adamant that they sue anyway, asking for hourly pay isn’t unheard of.

Don’t Ignore Your Need for Legal Help.

Although you may think that what you went through wasn’t that big of a deal, or you’re worried about being judged for suing: it’s vital that you get what you deserve.  Help yourself heal and move past the injury by seeking legal aid.

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