Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Jurassic Park has inspired great movies, such as Jurassic World that showcase legends like Chris Pratt. So, this movie needs to introduction because it stems from a sensational masterpiece that the world still can not get enough of. If you have recently watched the iconic Jurassic Park wait no longer. This is because the next part,  Jurassic World Dominion is just about to hit the cinemas. You would not want to miss on Chris Pratt’s amazing role as the dinosaur trainer who can communicate and train them as second nature. He plays the character of Owen Grady that has a major role throughout the movie. Grady takes on anyone who tries to come in his way to save the dinosaurs, as people are actively trying to sell these magnificent creatures for money. They are forgetting about the natural killer extinct that these creatures have. Instead, the creators are more focused about making millions of dollars on a single payout. It can ruin the natural habitat that no one is much concerned about because they want dangerous dinosaurs as pets. This is something that no one has given a lot of thought about, even after the genetically modified hybrid dinosaur, Indominus Rex escape in the first part. The killer species goes on a rampage to destroy anything and kill anyone that crosses its path. So, beware if you see a dinosaur roaming around your neighborhood, they are on the loose. Pun intended. 

This new part was built after 22 years after the original park had failed back in the ‘90s. This new park is known as the Jurassic World, which is open for everyone to visit and look at the magnificent genetically modified dinosaurs. People are still spooked about the last disaster but somehow history repeats itself, as theme park captures the attention of investors. This time it’s not a public escape but how the most dangerous species is fools the guards and attacks everyone. It is all thanks to Owen Grady who controls the dinosaur and get back in the cage, which shows his sheer talent and calm temperament. So, we will be seeing the last part of Jurassic World hitting the tv screens anytime soon. Binge watch your previous movie series before you start with Jurassic World. Before Jurassic World Dominion comes, you need to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It will give you some insight on how Owen and Claire were fighting to save the remaining dinosaurs. This was just a small effort to save them from extinction from the island’s dormant volcano which could erupt any time soon. It is a race against time but they are successful in the end after facing many life – threatening challenges. The last part is the consequences of messing the natural balance of mother nature. It has been four years after Isla Nublar has been destroyed, and dinosaurs are living with the humans. This will shape the future as we are not sure whether humans are going to be on top of the food chain any longer. So, let’s see how the future unfolds in the last part. 

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