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Park View City is a beautiful residential venture created by the Vision group. Park View City has strategically placed in Islamabad. This Society is situated in the vicinity of botanic gardens and has multiple entrances, making it a readily available destination. Islamabad has emerged as Islamabad’s crown jewel due to its unique positioning, rapid expansion, and substantial facilities, with local and foreign investors taking a significant share in the project.

Owners and Developers

Furthermore, any real estate enterprise’s success depends on compliance with all state legislative conditions. The Capital Development Authority has approved Park View City Islamabad’s NOC. This authorisation allows you to put money into this project and earn a reasonable rate of return. Park View City has developed by the Vision group of companies. The Vision Group’s founder, Aleem Khan,is A reputable and trusted developerrequired for dependable and remarkable construction. Vision Group oversees the development of this large residential development. It claims an outstanding track record inside the building projects and satisfies over half of the system design for residential developments.As a result of this feature, Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan has become an appealing deal of value for businesses. A project affiliated with a well-known figure gains substantially more weight.

Master plan

 Park View Islamabad has a land area of approximately 7000 Kanal, with various housing and commercial complexes, and Society hasdrawn to all new aspirations. Park View City has divided into alphabetical housing and commercial partnerships. Management also proposed an added block “J” in Society at the most regular ballot session held on commercial grounds. These Blocks constitute a massive residential development that will satisfy all worldwide property prices. Apart from the gorgeous backdrop, these Blocks will meet the needs of diverse social groups. These Blocks are positioned in the development’s commercial complex and will provide inhabitants with a successful investment and a fantastic experience. Park View City has separated into residential and commercial districts. 

Salient features

Park View City Islamabad possesses all of the aggressive traits associated with other modern societies. However, the homes and businesses in Society provide people with outstanding levels of ease and luxury. The prime objective of Society is to enhance people’s choices in the foreseeable future.

Essentials utilities

Park View City features everything you need, including 24×7 uninterrupted water, gas, and electricity. The geography of Park View City is ironic in its natural possessions, mainly underground water. However, it is only obtainable at a depth of 50 feet and in sufficient quantities. As a result, the management has created a vast underground water tank to conserve water for future use.

Safety precautions

Park View City is a gated community encircled by a security fence. Furthermore, the administration has surrounded the woodland with walls. Because of the protected exit points, it is a protected living place. Security cameras and tools all over Society to checkfor any suspicious activity.

Hospital and healthcare facilities

Park View City is home to a lovely hospital that assists residents with medication and assessment. In addition, this institution has outfitted with top-notch medical technology and tools. In addition, many small pharmacies and dispensaries throughout the Society provide immediate attention to the residents.

Academic institutions

Park View City will house some of the top institutes in all areas, including schools and colleges. Also, numerous key universities have located within walking distance of Society. Therefore, Prestige Park Grove aspires to provide people with high-quality education facilities that are also conveniently located. Furthermore, a campus of the National School (a vision group initiative) is inside the Society alongside various institutions


There are many small Mosques throughout Society. But the centre of attraction is the Jamia Mosque, a replica of the Blue Mosque. To revive the history of Muslims, the developers make a conscious decision to build the Jamia Mosque. In addition, this Mosque will gather a lot of tourist attention due to its uniqueness.

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State-of-art construction

The central boulevard is wide for an efficient road network, and green spaces along the roadway create a lovely atmosphere. The inside streets and pavements are far more extensive and surrounded by green belts. Through well-planned architecture, Society aims to balance ecology and industrialisation. The homes, business centres, and large buildings, in addition to the breathtaking scenery, will add to its attraction.

How Can Overseas Buy Plots In Parkview City

To be eligible for a plot, you must provide the following documents:

  • 1 copy of CNIC.
  • One copy of CNIC of next of kin.
  • 2 passport-sized lastest pictures.
  • Pay the facility charges by money order,bank transfer or cash to the company’s bank account.
  • Deposit the required downpayment.
  • Check the official site of Park view city Islamabad to see any updates about the new Blocks or discount offers.

Investing in Park View City Islamabadwill be the greatest and perhaps most profitable investment. Because the plots offer flexible payment options, the opportunity for development is considerable. So if you want to keep your money and kids secure, head to Park view city Islamabad.

Final remarks

It’s challenging to forecast the character of Society, but Park View, if done effectively, is one of Islamabad’s most extraordinaryand successful housing projects. Furthermore, Park View illustrates a conventional speculating possibility with financiers and home buyers.