Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Going bald does not necessarily indicate the sign of aging or illness. In fact, in recent years, several renowned celebrities and notable sportsmen from different corners of the world have set new statements in fashion and styling through their ravishing bald-shaved looks. 

If you are wondering if bald can really look good, we shall answer your questions and clear the fog of common misconceptions about going bald. It is important to understand that your hair is just a nice add-on to your overall appearance which may or may not be appealing to certain people. In other words, it is all about your choices and how you present yourself. 

Getting rid of this ‘complimentary’ hair can be the beginning of a new pleasant change. You might want to do head shaving and try a new demeanor. Read further to understand the different nuances about how bald can be beautiful. 

Why should you consider shaving your head?

Shaving your head bald does not require many reasons if you are confident enough about how you want to look. Besides, if you are facing severe hair complications, going pro-bald shave is the most convenient and effective choice. 

It is always better to have a clean and refreshing bald shaved look rather than uneven hair growth patterns and unhealthy-looking strands of hair. It affects your overall appearance. Thus, here are a few benefits of bald-shaving:

  • Deal with massive hair loss or unprecedented hair growth frequency
  • Give yourself a new look, quite different from the rest
  • If you feel that no hairstyle suits you, maybe going bald is a smart choice
  • It is easier to maintain a shaved head than dense and frizzy hair 
  • You might have seen your favorite bald style icon and wish to get a look similar to him

Know the right strategies of bald shaving

Bald shaving is a relatively simpler task which is cost and time-effective. You need to invest less time and effort in the entire process of shaving and maintaining your dome. However, contrary to the common myth, shaved heads do need consistent maintenance which involves the use of different shaving and after-shave products. 

If you have decided to go bald shaved, let me tell you that you need to use the right tools and techniques to get excellent results. Here, you shall attentively choose the tool you will use for shaving your head. 

You might pick traditional equipment like a razor or resort to the modern and more convenient ones like an electric head shaver. If you are going to be consistent with your newly shaved look, you can even purchase a reliable head shaving kit that offers multiple products and tools for frequent use. 

Wet shaving is preferred in recent times since it prevents you from painful scratches, bruises and similar injuries that might occur if you are shaving for the first time. Wash your hair with your preferable brand of shampoo and oil your scalp for the starters. 

This oil forms an additional protective layer between the scalp and the shaving tool, underneath the shaving gel. Be careful while shaving your head and rinse your shaver well after a few strokes.

How to look dashing when bald

As said earlier, hair is just an additional ‘nice-to-have’ and should not be equated with the established norms of appearing handsome. If you decide to shave your head bald, you need to nurture your new look. 

You can simply rock this look referring to the strategies mentioned below. 

  1. Know that it’s all ‘in the head’ 

First and foremost trick to be satisfied with a changed appearance is to accept the fact that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. At the end of the day, you are as handsome as you see yourself. 

Accepting yourself for who you are is the most crucial confidence booster. You need to surround yourself with people who uplift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself. Embrace your new bald look and set an example for the others to follow when it comes to the outward appearance. 

  1. Get in shape

Looking healthy and fit physically is a multi-beneficial spectrum. If you are physically fit and attractive, your shaved-head look will add on to the charm. You can start working out and make a few changes to your lifestyle for long-lasting results. 

Having a toned body and a muscular build can give out your image as strong and macho. These traits are highly appealing when it comes to males. You can hit the gym and follow an effective diet to enhance your chances at carrying the perfect bald look. 

  1. Grow an appreciable beard

Hair loss can be a result of excess testosterone flowing in your body. On the other hand, the same hormone allows you to grow a nice dense beard which catches everyone’s attention. 

Once you go bald, you can consider having a beard, even if you haven’t had one before. A good beard is a head-turner and you can set yourself apart from the rest in a social event. Your new bald look, when complimented with an attractive beard, can work like charm. You need to groom your beard frequently for better results. 

  1. Look after your gorgeous dome

Once you have the shaved head you always wanted, you cannot just abandon it until the next need arises. Tiny ingrown hair may appear right after a while you have shaved it. So, you need to shave your head at least 1-2 times in a week to achieve an even and clean dome. 

Use moisturizers and shampoo to nourish your scalp. Remember that shaved heads need more sun-protection and hence, use proper preventive measures like sunscreen and caps. 

If you are bold enough to go bald-shaved, you shall embrace your new look and subsequently enhance it for the better. You shall take good care of your head to maintain the refreshing look. 

Thus, these strategies can help you immensely, especially if you haven’t bald shaved formerly. These strategies are highly efficient when it comes to looking amazingly handsome.