Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Every country has strict laws for sexual assault. Whether it is at your workplace or anywhere in the world, you are entitled to justice if you have gone through any disgraceful behaviour by anyone. As an employer, it is your responsibility that you provide a safe working environment to both men and women. Although most of the cases related to sexual assault involve women as victims, men are neither safe today. So you should ensure that there are non-sexual harassment activities, even comments airing around your office. And apart from the federal laws, you should draft rules to prevent sexual assault and let your employees know the consequences of being involved in one. Read ahead to know how Charlotte employment law attorneys can help prevent workplace sexual harassment:

Draft a sexual harassment policy

An employment law attorney specializes in all matters related to your workplace. They can help you draft a crisp sexual harassment policy so that whenever an employee joins your company they know how clear you are about the sexual harassment offence and if they violate it, what consequences they’ll suffer.

Create a training program

An employment law attorney with experience has dealt with similar cases in their career and knows how to deal with such situations. They will help you create a training program that can prove to be beneficial for employees to understand which actions can constitute sexual harassment. 

Regular Sessions

Your employment law attorney is the best person for conducting live sessions with your employees, managers and supervisors frequently. Holding a session on sexual harassment and acknowledging your workforce about their rights can help people stand against any sexual harassment activity. Also, it will help people know what punishment one can face for violations. 

File a lawsuit against the offender

Even after utmost care and precaution, you might not be able to prevent a person from committing a crime if they have bad ethics. So in such a case where someone has reported a sexual assault incident or you have come across any such activity, you will need an employment law attorney to file a lawsuit against the offender and provide justice to the victim. Your attorney will take care of all the documentation and legal structure from the beginning to the end. 

It is better to hear about the legal repercussions from a lawyer. People will believe them more than a person who has no legal background. Also, sometimes employers and employees don’t bring to notice any sexual assault incident due to the fear of losing their reputation or someone questioning their honesty. But it’s vital others realize that you must stand against the wrong, especially when you are backed by the law. And so an employment law attorney can assist in spreading awareness and helping understand all the legal rights of your employees and offer confidence in the legal system.