Are you a startup? It is essential to know that 305 million startups create every year but that 10% of startups fail in the first year due to excessive loss. If you want to become the rest 90% of startups with great exposure, stop wasting time and marketing strategies through social media.

Several people think chat or video streaming app development is great for communication. Still, it is crucial to know that social media app development has increased the profit and growth of numerous small businesses in the year 2020-2021.

As a result, many businesses include social media marketing in their marketing strategy. In addition, some started to search about how to make a social media app to create their social networking application.

Social Media Business

 Businesses revealed that social media marketing is very important for their business as it has expanded their business growth by 10% each year. Many small businesses started to create a social media app account to effectively engage with their target audience by looking forward to top marketers or businesses. If you want to improve your business growth with a quality audience quickly, it is essential to opt for progressive web app development for marketing purposes.

 In this blog, we have mentioned how using social media applications are helpful in the growth of small business. Read through this blog to know more about it.

What Are Social Media Applications?

Social app development is a web-based software that connects people worldwide. Individuals or businesses can communicate and share text, audio, photos, and other personal information on profiles to present their personalities through social media applications. It is not wrong to say that social media has become the most used application globally.

What Are The Top Social Media Applications Helpful For Small Businesses?

If you are still confused about how social media is one of the best platforms to reach people, you should go through the listed table below. But, first, we have mentioned the top 10 social media app development used in 2021 with the number of downloaded users.

Social Media ApplicationsDownloads in 2021
Tiktok  656 Million
Instagram545 Million
Facebook416 Million
Whatsapp395 Million
Snapchat327 Million
Twitter171 Million
Discord121 Million
We chat109.4 Million


How Are Social Media Applications Beneficial For Small Businesses?

The section below has provided some core benefits of social app development that have helped small businesses. Hence, if you want to become a successful startup in 2022, why not read this information and opt for your marketing strategies.


1.    Increase Brand Awareness

As we all know, more than half of the world uses social media applications today. It has become a must for startups to leave a memorable impact on customers. Many businesses still do not know that brand awareness can greatly affect a company’s success. But companies must differentiate themselves from competitors. Many companies use social media networks to communicate with or connect with their new or existing clients. Social media app development was a help for many to spread information about the company name, vision, and long-term philosophy. To establish a significant impact and generate a brand personality, it is essential to use the logo and brand identity. This way, you can ensure that your target customer stays interested in the long run by producing unique and brand-related material.


2.    Cost-Effective

It is also important to consider that using social media is cost-effective as now businesses don’t have to waste money on email marketing and advertising. Businesses can now save money, increase leads, and improve performance with a little strategy and regular posting through social media networks. To increase the number of people who follow you on social media, post entertaining and relevant material.

Many businesses create a social media app like an Instagram account and start marketing as it is less expensive than traditional media and favorable feedback ranks higher in search engine rankings. As for posting everyday content, you don’t have to invest money in social media.


3.    Boost Customer Engagement

 We all know that it’s not easy to share effective content on social media networks as it requires courageous efforts and time. But it is also essential to know that it is the easiest way or approach to reach out to a huge number of targeted audiences in a short amount of time. Yes, several small businesses have witnessed immense growth in their business through social media.

If you are wondering how social media can improve customer engagement, you should know that you can reach a quality audience through regular posting of engineering content. Progressive web app development networks allow direct interactions and direct communication with the customer that helps in resolving the consumer issues that boost the brand’s reputation.

It is crucial to know that 2020-2021 marketing stats show that more than 50% of small businesses use social media websites as a communication tool to deliver service to their clients, which results in a boost in customer engagement.


4.    Increasing Site Traffic

Several companies use social media applications only to drive traffic to their website. Social media app development is useful in enhancing website traffic as it can simply direct interested people on your social media platform to your website. Many companies use social media applications to brand and advertise their product and services, which way the target audience reaches the official website to purchase their product or service. It helps in increasing the quality audience. Many businesses use social media applications to increase site traffic instead of SEO.

5.    Easy Retargeting

Several businesses are hiring social network app development companies to manage their social media platform appearance and build their social networking site. It is vital to know that many businesses find it easy to retarget their audience through social media networks by communicating with them through the chat feature. For a small business, it is important to keep a check on the budget.

With the help of live streaming app development, you can sign up on social media and easily be vocal about your new deals and offers to your existing customers. This way, your existing customers will be engaged, and you can easily retarget them by providing effective discounts and offers. Social media is a great way of retargeting audiences for small businesses. It helps connect your clients with direct communication.


Hopefully, the information mentioned above was quite helpful for you in knowing how your small business can use social media to gain an audience, brand awareness, and other things. However, suppose you are also one of the startups that want to become one of the viral startups like Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Linkedin. In that case, you must hire the best social network app development company and create your network to market your startup.