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Buying a gift is half the battle. For it to look beautiful and have a presentable appearance, it must be properly packaged. You can use the service in the store or pack a gift yourself since there is free access to wrapping paper, cellophane, bows, ribbons, mesh, bags, boxes, and other decorative materials.

Many, in vain, ignore the festive decoration of the purchased gift. Packaging is an element of surprise because, in most cases, the recipient cannot immediately determine what is inside the package. Currently, many types and possibilities of packaging are present from various materials: paper, fabric, cardboard, and film, with the inclusion of natural materials in the packaging. 

From ordinary multi-colored ribbons for gift wrapping, you can create an enchanting bow, just wrap the gift with cellophane and secure it with this bow, curling the ends into beautiful curls. If the gifts are bought, proceed to their design and packaging, and the reaction of the birthday man will not keep you waiting. In this post, we will explain how you can package your gift as well as where to buy readily packaged gift baskets in Toronto.

Three ways to wrap your gift beautifully and correctly

Paper packaging

Presenting gifts for the holidays, some believe that the form is more important than the content, and do without a beautiful wrapper, just giving a gift. They believe unwrapped candy is just as delicious as wrapped candy, but any person receiving a gift will be genuinely delighted with a beautifully and ingeniously packaged present.

Invented hundreds of years ago, paper is the simplest and most common form of packaging. Recently, the choice of paper has been tremendous. Shops offer customers matte or glossy, embossed or corrugated, durable, and thin paper of different patterns and colors. Depending on the type of gift, you can choose:

  • glossy paper;
  • kraft paper (ribbed to the touch and transversely embossed);
  • tissue (thin, airy, and light, suitable for wrapping objects of complex shape);
  • poly silk (thick, slightly stretchy paper resembling a film);
  • corrugated paper (great for wrapping elongated items, including bouquets or bottles);
  • Mulberry (handmade paper, which sometimes includes inserts of dried leaves, stems, and flowers).

There are wide varieties of paper, as many of its colors and textures. Our list does not exhaust all sorts; these are only the most common ones. The inventors of ordinary paper never even dreamed that its amazing varieties would appear in addition to ordinary white sheets: crinkled, gel, silk, embossed, and others. You can easily pack a gift yourself; it is enough to have a piece of unnecessary wallpaper and a beautiful ribbon on hand.

Packing in boxes

Giving a special atmosphere to the holiday will help the festive packaging of a gift bought in advance. Packing gifts in ready-made boxes with different shapes and sizes are very convenient. Depending on who the gift is intended for: a man or a woman, a child or a teenager, an enterprise manager or an employee, parents or grandparents, friends or acquaintances, you can choose the original gift box.

Gift wrapping boxes can be of different colors. Heart-shaped packaging is suitable for gifts to loved ones and dear people for any occasion. Boxes can be rectangular and cylindrical, of different heights and volumes. There is the same type of boxes of different sizes:

  • box boxes;
  • handbag boxes;
  • bonbonnieres;
  • boxes in the form of books;
  • box boxes;
  • tube boxes;
  • collection boxes.

Modern gift wrapping allows you to wrap any box with wrapping paper yourself. For such a finish, handmade paper is perfect: moon relief, silk, or metal. You can also use paper of various textures: woven lace, imitating leather, metal, or marble. Expensive gifts can be packed in boxes embossed with silver, gold, or copper – designer wrapping will delight customers with the best quality and great variety.

Packing gifts in a basket

When choosing a gift for any celebration, we are often afraid to get into a mess. Whether the gift will be pleasant, whether it will be appropriate, whether it is functional, and whether it will take a disadvantageous position on the far shelf of the closet, it sometimes turns out that an inexpensive and well-packed present is better than any expensive gift that a person does not need.

One such type of packaging is a basket, but gift baskets vary. When choosing such a package, consider the age of the person to whom it will be intended. If you are going to pack a gift for a child in this gift basket, then consider the possibility of its further use. There are spacious baskets with removable covers where it is possible to store toys later.

Wicker baskets can give the simplest and most inexpensive present a presentable look. Ordinary fruits packed in such a basket, complemented by a bottle of wine and a soft toy, will look luxurious. You can decorate a gift at will in unison for a holiday: on New Year’s Eve – with a Christmas tree toy, tinsel, and spruce twig; on your birthday – with a greeting card and a beautiful bow.

There are several types of gift baskets that you can arrange yourself according to your taste, taking into account the holiday:

  • tea room;
  • alcoholic;
  • children’s;
  • dessert;
  • cosmetic;
  • gourmet.

Everything related to dessert can be packed in a dessert basket: sweets in bulk or a box, fresh or canned fruits, and even jam or jam will not be superfluous in such a basket. The gift basket is intended for dear and close people; it includes expensive varieties of sausages, cheese, caviar, fish, and high-quality wine like Dom Perignon. This basket is the perfect gift for your boss.


In conclusion, you can decide to package your gift anyhow you wish. But always remember that a well-packaged gift gives a more appealing feel than leaving it open for presentation. So, you can always reach out to us at Vyno if you want to get a well-packaged gift basket in Toronto.

By Richard Maxwell

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