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MBA can be considered one of the most crucial degrees of your life, however, some of you may still be pondering upon its importance and the return on investment associated with it. 

Applying for an MBA from a study-abroad destination can no doubt be a draining process, but it will most definitely reward you with extraordinary experiences, vast knowledge, and even better salary numbers. 

Keep on reading as we will make you explore the benefits of doing an MBA from abroad, and how pursuing MBA abroad will shape some of the best years in your life.

Universal Business School brings a professional MBA degree that is specially crafted for students to prepare for the international market. UBS is one of the most prominent management colleges in Mumbai that follows an international-level of educational curriculum for MBA students. 

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MBA from Abroad

An MBA degree can open an array of opportunities for you, which is why an MBA in abroad for Indian students is always a good idea. But every MBA aspirant has to deal with questions like –  Which is the best country for MBA for Indian students?  Which are the best MBA courses abroad? How to do an MBA from abroad?

To resolve all doubts of candidates, Universal Business School introduces the Global MBA, Global Blended MBA, and International MBA (Spanish). Now Indian students can get an international-level- education at the best BBA colleges in Mumbai, UBS, IIT, and more. 

MBA Abroad can be studied at UBS and this one-year-degree course comes under the name of Global MBA. Being one of the best MBA colleges in Mumbai, Universal Business School divided this course into two parts, where in the 1st-section students get a chance to learn major theoretical approaches of international management systems and markets. And in the 2nd section, they allow students to trade global stock commodities, currencies, and bonds across 75 live exchanges and 5 continents in real-time.

Eligibility and requirements for MBA from abroad 

A bachelor’s degree from a recognized college is required by all the universities offering a Master of Business Administration program abroad. Some universities also have other requirements like work experience. Although, not all educational institutes ask for work experience. Before applying, it is always good to check the eligibility criteria of the college where you are seeking admission.

1. Academic requirements

All colleges prefer a full-time bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute. We have also mentioned other academic requirements below.

2. Work experience requirements

Substantial work experience is desired by the top universities offering MBAs. Although there are schools, for which MBAs are without work experience but it is always an added advantage to have relevant work experience. Apart from the academic record, foreign institutions look for candidates who can add value to their colleges and benefit most from their programs.

3. Application requirements

Applying for an MBA in a foreign university is a very big step in your professional life. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized educational institution is mandatory for applying to an MBA program. Some other application requirements are mentioned below.

  • Resume
  • Reference letters
  • Essays (as demanded by the university)

Every Business Administration aspirant wants to be enrolled in the topmost business colleges and universities abroad. As one of the most sought courses, various reputed institutions overseas offer an MBA. In India, there are also many management colleges in Mumbai that bring the Global MBA or MBA Abroad for those students who want to experience the international market without even enrolling in overseas universities. Universal Business School is the best among all the universities or private institutions that provide a Global MBA at a reasonable fee. 

BBA Colleges in Mumbai

The best BBA colleges in Mumbai include JBIMS Mumbai, Universal Business School, and IIT Bombay. There are around 121 BBA colleges in Mumbai which include 95 private and 23 government BBA colleges. The best BBA colleges in Mumbai offer BBA courses with various specializations including Marketing, Finance, etc. Few BBA colleges in Mumbai also offer courses like BBA+LLB and BBA+MBA.

MBA/PGDM Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai remains the favorite city among BBA, MBA, and PGDM aspirants. It has many noted colleges or institutes that offer Global MBA, BBA, and PG Diploma in Management. SIMSREE Mumbai, SJMSOM IIT Bombay, IESMCRC Mumbai, IIT Bombay, Universal Business School, NITIE Mumbai, SNDT Women’s University, MNLU University, VJTI Mumbai, Indian Maritime University, and PUMBA Pune are some of the best MBA/PGDM colleges in Mumbai. 

In Conclusion 

Studying MBA from a global university can be a good option but if you want to get an international level of education in MBA in your own country, we think there is nothing better than this. It can be only possible if you take admission to UBS, Mumbai. It not only provides you with the best education but also provides international exposure which is highly essential for your future path. 

Indeed, Universal Business School is the best among all the top MBA colleges in Mumbai. It all happened due to its top-notch faculty, best facilities, infrastructure, adverse placement cell, and international syllabus.  

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