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Houses for RentHouses for Rent in Orlando: How to find qualified tenants in Orlando?

If you have houses for rent in Orlando, you might know how difficult it is to find qualified tenants for your rental property? But, don’t worry! This article will be the ultimate guide to find a qualified tenant for your home. We have mentioned step-by -step plans to attract the tenants, which you may follow.

Step-by-step guide to finding qualified tenants to deploy your houses for rent in Orlando

1. Develop a Plan for Your Rental Property Marketing

The first step to deploy your houses for rent in Orlando is to plan a solid marketing strategy. You will need some high-quality photos and a video tour of your rental property with a detailed description to share on social media platforms.

2. Pre-qualifying Tenants and Showing the Property

Once you begin to do listings, there will be many people who want to see your home. Ensure to pre-qualify your prospects before you show the property to avoid wasting your time or your prospects’ time. Give pertinent details about the property and how people can contact you.

3. Start Screening for Tenants

The process of screening for tenants must include a background check. Verify their job and rental history. When you find a relevant tenant who passes your standards, send a congratulations email. 

4. Verify the Applicant’s Income

Don’t forget to verify your tenant’s income to ensure they can pay you as much as you are expecting or not. For this, you can ask about his salary. Check whether he is doing the job or a self-employed person. The income must be more than three times your rent amount. 

You can demand his credit card history and inquiry about his job history. Sometimes, student loans or medical bills can be overwhelming, and it doesn’t mean that the tenant will be wrong. You can demand evidence of the amount they are paying to compensate for the loan.

5. Explore a Tenant’s Rental History

One good way to find a qualified tenant is by asking whether they were reliable in the past. You may ask for landlord information for at least the last two years. Talk to former landlords to find out whether they were good, difficult tenants. Some of the things you must include:

  • Was he paid rent on time?
  • Was there any damage left behind?
  • Did he receive the full security deposit back?
  • Did the tenant give notice before moving out?
  • Were all the terms and conditions of the lease followed?
  • Did you ever get a bounced check for insufficient funds?
  • Did the tenant have pets?

The most important question you can ask a former property owner he rents to this tenant again?

Talk to at least two previous landlords. 

6. Conduct a Criminal Background Check

It is essential to know whether the tenants have any past criminal records or not. For this, you can consult the local corps before you give your houses for rent in Orlando. Avoid tenants with a history of violent crime or drug convictions.

We recommend that you check the sex offender database and avoid renting to anyone with a predatory past. Placing a tenant with a history of violence in your property will not only endanger the condition of your home; it might put your neighbors in danger, which can create additional liability concerns for you.

You must also check any sex offenses if any allegations are in the past. For this, you can check the database with the help of a local corp. You can also make sure that you are providing your rental property with the support of any property management company in Orlando that can conduct a legal background check for your rented property, which is crucial to finding a qualified tenant to deploy your houses for rent in Orlando.

7. Check References and Social Media

Always asking your tenants about any reference may also be an essential part of screening. If the tenant’s employer has positive and convincing points to state, it means you’re getting a reliable and qualified person, and you also know that you would not have to puzzle your mind about the tenant losing a job anytime soon.

The reference of family members and friends can not be a good reference. So, be aware of tenants who only provide references to their family or friends. These can not be regarded as impartial references as they would not tell you about the true character of your tenants to be.

For better reference, you can also check his social media posts and accounts whether what type of mindset they have? What are posts they are doing on their various social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? 

For example, if you’re considering a paying guest who claims to have no pets, but you see many pictures of a pet with that person, then you may have to raise a question about it and do some further investigating.


Choosing the right, relevant, qualified tenant can reduce your headache regarding the different troubles a criminal background’s talent can give you. Reread the article, make bullet points about ‘what to check?’ and how to check every detail of whom you are planning to deploy your houses for rent in Orlando?