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The IT sector is broad, complex, and ever-changing. The industry relies heavily on software development. It is influenced by various factors, including market conditions, increasing complexities, changing technological trends, and increasing software development issues. According to a report by the Standish Group, 31.1 percent of projects are terminated before they are completed, and 52.7 percent of projects exceed their budget by nearly twice as much. 

These basic numbers are enough to discourage people from pursuing their desired custom software development project and gaining a competitive advantage. One of the solutions to address the problems is to hire senior software developers through turing company. But, before that, you should know the main software development challenges and their solutions. This would enable you to verify that you have the best team on board through the Turing hiring process. Ready to dive in?

Challenges and their solutions to test when you hire senior software developers

Let’s have a closer look at each of the main software development challenges and their solutions now.

1. Uncertainty and constant change in software requirements 

Gathering all of the requirements aids in the development of a software project’s basis. Uncertain requirements lead to a shakier foundation, which, in turn, leads to a shaky product. It also leads to inaccurate cost and time estimates. However, when the software needs are insufficient, exaggerated estimates are frequently produced. 

Another problem is the ever-changing software requirements. That is to say, one day you ask for something, the following day you ask for something different, and the third day your needs are altogether different. It’s due to the industry’s ever-changing requirements. It merely adds to the length and cost of custom software development. 


Consider re-thinking a product before developing it and adding a new feature to it. What exactly are you looking for? What is the point of it? Make a list of all the features and functions that you’ll need in your app. If you choose a custom software development company in US, they will question you extensively to ensure that they fully comprehend your needs. Conduct extensive market research to determine which features are popular and best suit your software.

2. Technology stack issues

The next stage is to shortlist the technological stack when your product requirements have been specified, and the plan has been approved. You are mistaken if you believe the software development road is straightforward. The development team will have trouble dealing with the issues that arise during the software development process. 

First, you must determine which technologies should be included in the stack required to complete the necessary tasks. The next step is to ensure that the commission product works nicely with the existing software. The third step is to keep up with current development trends to make the implementation process more valuable. 

When you hire senior software developers, you can give this challenge to test their knowledge. Companies like Turing.com have an AI-based platform that does all this hard work for you and helps you complete the hiring in 3 to 5 days. They give top notch challenges like this and help you hire the best developers. 


During the software development process, you’ll need to get experienced consultation services to help you choose the best tech stack that meets the newest industry standards and fits your project requirements perfectly. This way, if the technology stack you’ve chosen proves to be inadequate halfway through your project, you won’t have to look for a new one. 

3. Inefficient project management 

The problems that arise during project management and their solutions are of paramount importance and should be addressed at all times. A smart project manager can balance quality and speed of execution while keeping multitasking to a bare minimum. Some businesses choose to hire a dedicated project manager who is in charge of making decisions and overseeing the project’s development. 

The main disadvantage of this method is that it only works if the project manager and the rest of the team are from the same country and have similar cultural backgrounds. They also possess a shared work ethic, which makes leading such a group simple. Managing a team that is distributed throughout the globe becomes a headache. 


Consider end-to-end product creation to avoid adjustability difficulties. If you decide to go with this technique, you should hire a professional software development team and a project manager to oversee the project. This person will be familiar with the expertise of the complete software development team and will handle the entire process correctly. Project managers, particularly those in the IT business, cannot function without using software tools and understanding the agile methodology. 

4. Hidden costs 

There would be times when you spoke with a software developer who claimed to work on your product at a lower cost than what others were charging. However, when you obtain your final bill, the cost would be significantly more than what was agreed upon previously. This is due to additional fees that were not included in the original quote. Another form of hidden cost that product owners may have to bear is the expense of marketing. It refers to the person who will be compensated if the code is poorly written and the product is poorly designed. 

Costly investments are frequently the result of such annoyances. In the long term, the total cost of custom software development is substantially higher than what was promised. Another issue that will cost you more than you anticipated is a security breach. So, when you hire senior software developers, you can directly ask the candidate everything related to hidden costs. 


You should request that your vendor prepare a business requirement document, which lists all of your requirements. This paper will include everything about your software, from its features to its overall user flow. The features that were mentioned previously but were eventually scrapped will also be included in this paper. You can get a total cost estimate from the vendor based on the document you’ve generated. 

A thorough document can assist you in keeping track of everything while also keeping prices under control. Ascertain that the development team places a high premium on software security. Inquire about current security practices and the ones they adhere to. 

5. Confidentiality of Information

You must have shortlisted software development firms that meet your needs. To do so, you’ll need to pitch your business idea to firms, which is daunting work. They’re the folks you’re not sure of and don’t have faith in. Sharing your software concept, though, can be problematic. One is always concerned that their invention will be stolen or that their trade secrets will be revealed. 


A non-disclosure agreement is a foolproof answer to this dilemma. It is a formal contract between the two parties that outlines the information that will be shared and requires that all provided information be kept confidential. If one of the parties violates the NDA, the opponent may pursue legal action. 


Custom software development has mainly five challenges, which are uncertainty and constant change in software requirements, technology stack issues, inefficient project management, hidden costs, and confidentiality of information. You can encounter these challenges using the solutions mentioned above. Also, use them to test the competency of candidates when you hire senior software developers. You’ll have to devote a significant amount of effort to find the best custom software development company. It’s better to rely on AI-based platforms. As I mentioned initially, companies like Turing Hire candidates through an extensive vetting process. Just go through turing reviews on google, and you will understand why I’ve recommended that to you. 

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