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All you have to think about utilizing onion juice for your hair.

Onion juice, however not the subject of broad research, has gotten very famous as an enemy of hair fall/hair regrowth operator. It has been utilized as a home solution for years now for controlling hair fall. Science has demonstrated that sulfur, the magnificence mineral, is the central component in onion juice, which helps support the hair development. Onion juice additionally gives miniaturized scale supplements like nutrient C, folate, nutrient B6, and potassium, clarified Dr Pallavi Sule, Mumbai-based dermatologist and tasteful doctor while clarifying the advantages and speedy employments of this effectively accessible home cure.

Dr Sule clarified, “Onion juice may help dissemination as it likewise contains calming and hostile to microbial properties. Applying onion juice to the hair and scalp could build blood flexibly to hair follicles, which thusly improves hair development. Onion juice is additionally discovered valuable in deferring the untimely turning gray of hair (however there are no investigations to affirm this). This is ascribed to creation of the compound catalase in the hair follicles.”

Ingesting versus applying

As we are explicitly searching for hair regrowth, topical or nearby application can give the ideal outcome, as opposed to ingestion. There are a great deal of blends accessible in the market for onion juice. These are creams, hair oils, shampoos, etc. Viability of the plans can be resolved distinctly by clinical preliminaries, so one needs to pick the item cautiously.

It is ideal to utilize new onion juice. Be that as it may, indeed, it tends to be set up in little clusters and refrigerated. Abstain from getting ready immense amounts.

The most effective method to get ready onion juice


Cleave onion and granulate it in a blender. Strainer through a muslin material. Store in a perfect dry holder and refrigerate.

Tips to remember

*Those who have known hypersensitivity to onions, don’t give onion juice a shot the scalp.

*Onion juice can be peevish to the scalp, so it’s smarter to blend it in with relieving specialists like alovera/coconut oil/nectar.

*Increased affectability of the scalp to onion juice may occur after a couple of uses. If it’s not too much trouble contact your dermatologist if side effects surface regularly.

*There can be responses between onion juice and drugs, for instance, anti-inflamatory medicine.

*The smell of onion juice is very sharp. In this way, one can blend a couple of drops of fundamental oils to cover the smell and add worth and more goodness to the onion juice. For instance, tea tree oil or lavender oil among others.

Kitchen cures

Onion hair cover

Blend two teaspoon of extricated onion juice with one teaspoon of nectar. This cover can be applied 15-20 mins before you wash your hair. It advances hair development and adds gloss and try to please shafts. It likewise diminishes irritation on the scalp, decreases dandruff or any scalp contamination.

Onion juice blended in with caster oil

Blend equivalent amounts of each and apply on the scalp one hour before you wash. This is an amazing blend as the two fixings help in hair regrowth in addition to have comparable mitigating and against microbial properties.

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