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Recently, Sandals have seen a comeback. Once upon a time, you might only have worn them while on vacation or at the gym, but today they are acceptable in both the city and the beach.

Sandals for men may be worn in a variety of ways, so how you wear them truly relies on your particular style and the appearance you’re going for. There are hiking-style sandals or sliders for fans of streetwear, Birkenstocks for people who want comfort, and stylish leather sandals for men that can be dressed up even more with tailored pants for those who like something more sophisticated. Here is a selection of the best sandals for men’s looks you should choose if you want to look stylish.

Including Suit Separates

Tailoring and sandals being worn together are considered a sartorial sin in traditional circles. No socks, especially not white athletic socks, is the first rule. Additionally, the sandals you select are crucial. Choose a discrete pair of black or blue sandals for men that are devoid of logos or patterns rather than flip-flops, which are too informal to match with lapels. The clothing you wear with your sandals comes next. Suit pieces will casualize your appearance and reduce the starkness of the high-low contrast. Choose black pants that go with your sandals to maintain a tidy appearance.

With Cotton Pants

If you still have any remaining concerns about how simple it is to wear sandals for men, try pairing them with the most basic ensemble in the history of summer men’s clothing: chinos (cotton trousers) and a T-shirt. The inclusion of sandals actually makes this otherwise uninteresting match a little more intriguing, and depending on the color scheme and practicality of the footwear, you can go in one of two directions.

Even if you’re on your way to the workplace, wearing blacks, grays, and earthy tones gives you a nebulous man-of-the-world vibe. Your best option for that appearance is a bulky sandal like a Birkenstock. As an alternative, wear Clubmasters, a tucked-in top, and cropped stone cotton pants for a seaside look.

Pairing with Jeans

Not all outfit changes when wearing sandals for men are drastic. In reality, you can wear sandals with the clothing that is currently hanging in your closet. You can use jeans as your saviour and as a mark of style. Inherently more informal than selvedge styles, light washes slim fit jeans are a smart pick that won’t clash with casual footwear or with sandals for men. When you put on jeans, it’s likely that shorts feel overly hopeful as well. Because of this, arm yourself with breathable summer knits and have a pair of minimalist sandals for men in your suitcase just in case.

Matching Sandals for men with Swimwear

The technical-looking hiking sandal is as formal as you need to go for beach holiday footwear, making it smarter than flip-flops and sliders. Although the ability to slip on and leave is lost due to the straps, you may still go to the pub or even the restaurant without drawing attention from other patrons thanks to the extra fabric. To highlight your fresh tan, choose fitted beach shorts and a dark neutral shirt.

Pairing your style sense with White Tailored Trousers

Sandals for men are surprisingly simple to match with a crisp bottom half, despite the fact that they might not be the first pair of shoes you think to put on with a classy pair of trousers. All you need is the proper pair of each. Consider slightly broader legs for the pants, tapering gently to a cropped ankle that should end an inch or two above the sandals. Despite the professional lean of the trousers, this isn’t going to be an office appearance. However, a pair of leather-strapped sandals for men extracts as much smartness as possible, so this ensemble, when paired with a Cuban collar shirt, falls squarely into the category of smart-casual clothing.

Including Shorts with sandals for men

Trends come and go. After all, it is kind of the goal. Conversely, Sandals for men underwent a Lazarus-like return that no one anticipated. While it may be fashionable to wear sandals with shorts while on vacation, a neutral approach including dark, subdued hues on timeless pieces like tailored shorts and a well-fitted T-shirt is preferable.

Pairing sandals for men with a suit

Don’t even consider attempting to combine a suit with your dinner jacket since there is no way that it will ever be anything other than a smart-casual tailoring play. The smartest choice is to wear your sandals with summertime wardrobe mainstays like a linen suit and a patterned shirt. With sandals for men already a daring choice for suiting, simplify the rest of the ensemble with a simple suit in a timeless colour. It makes sense that finer leather options will function best on your feet.

Including socks when styling sandals for men

This trend exemplifies how fashion has once again embraced everything that was previously deemed naff better than any other. Ten years ago, the only people sporting white socks with sliders were incarcerated ex-gang members who were perplexed about what went wrong. Today, it’s a fashion statement that began as irony but quickly evolved into something else — cool because it’s uncool, like bum bags, sports sunglasses, and hiking gear. If you’re feeling very brazen, try the sleazy motel look with short shorts, a vest, and a patterned shirt.

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Sandals for men look best with Indo-Western ethnic clothing, such as teal jackets and light brown kurtas. Alternatively, you might wear them with a sherwani that is made of purple velvet and cream pyjamas. The striated pattern designs on the sandals make them seem fantastic, and the colour looks great against Indian skin. The men’s sandals, which have a PU sole and a resin outer shell and offer maximum comfort while being worn, a lightweight sensation when walking, and long-lasting durability, are well worth the price.