Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

India has established itself to be a global hub for developing and emerging technologies. Tech giants from around the globe have invested in India to ride the wave of digitalization and most importantly to leverage the fourth industrial revolution. Today, Data is recognized to be a very valuable commodity that can be sold in the raw state or cleansed to mine valuable insights and then sold. As a result, everyone from tech giants to small start-ups wants to utilize data as a resource and then attract growth through processes like Data analytics and data ingestion. Growth through Data Analytics is the mood of the global market currently and corporates with the right data analytics team and strategy are scoring big. Interestingly in India data analytics startups are attracting investments even from the country’s defense ministry!

In such an atmosphere it automatically gives rise to questions like whether only companies and governments can benefit from data and whether young talents can take advantage of the situation!

Let us take a look at how the importance of data has created lucrative new opportunities for hardworking individuals around the globe:

High Paying Job Roles

The emergence of data as the ‘new oil’ of the global economy has led to the creation of multiple high-paying job roles which previously did not exist. Any business organization that seeks growth through data analytics must hire a team consisting of talented individuals with the right set of skills, working in roles like Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Architect, Data Scientist, etc. Even traditional roles like Business analysts have changed and today’s business analysts must use analytics tools to analyze data. All such job roles are extremely high paying and attract a lot of perks. Even start-ups seeking to make it big by offering data services are paying hefty remuneration to the candidate with the right set of skills. For instance, the average salary of a data analyst is between 6 LPA to 10 LPA. A Big data Engineer in India can earn anything between 5 LPA to 15 LPA. A business analyst with skills such as Python can earn 8 LPA an average. 

Opportunity for skilled individuals to score big

Individuals skilled in Python, which is considered the most popular programming language in Data analytics and data science, can land a very rewarding career opportunity by acquiring data analytics skills. More importantly, there is a huge talent gap and shortage of skilled individuals in the field of data analytics, and individuals enrolling in data analytics courses to gain relevant skills stand to benefit. The field of data analytics offers jobs that are future-proof and continuously growing. Thus, anyone looking for a future-proof career that offers limitless growth can enroll in an online or offline data analytics course and start a wonderful journey in the world of data.

Interestingly in India, the lack of employable individuals in job roles like data analyst and big data engineer is quite huge although each year the country produces lakhs of engineers. This is primarily due to engineering courses not being updated to meet the current industry demands. However, aware individuals are going for certificate courses offered by reputed institutes like the AnalytixLabs and acquiring all the skills required to be employed as a data analyst. 

If you are such an individual who is looking to grab the existing opportunities in the field of data analytics then you must look to enroll in a good data analytics course and start learning the tricks of the trade!

Worried about Data Analytics Course Fees?

Indeed, any institution offering a Data Analytics course is also charging a hefty fee considering the demand, requirement for infrastructure, and top-class faculty. However, there are highly ranked institutions like the AnalytixLabs which not only offer data analytics and associated courses at a very competitive and reasonable rate but also provide good placement assistants. The institution has multiple branches across India in prominent cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Noida and most importantly the institute’s placement record is unparalleled. Interestingly the institute offers courses tailor-made for certain data analytics job roles which enable individuals to seek customized guidance and make a smooth career transition. Courses like ‘ Data Science 360 ‘ and ‘Full Stack Applied AI’ are very popular ones offered by AnalytixLabs and such courses are also available both online and offline. You can visit the AnalytixLabs website for further details and start your journey in a world full of opportunities.