Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Any champion has a big goal in front of them; however, when you compete at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), The biggest and most dangerous fighters on earth are on your side whether you are a title fighter or not. In the 15 years of UFC’s history, which spans 97 events, UFC just 11 athletes have held their titles more than once. The elite fighters listed here deserve their spot on the list of UFC history, considering that many fans and critics in the field believe a fighter is not an official champion custom boxing belts he has been able to defend his belt. People who have won multiple times are top of the line.

Here is the following list of UFC fighters who have had multiple successful title defenses. It is your choice to determine who the most effective of them all is. If your primary objective is the amount of consecutively effective defenses, Anderson Silva is incontestably the most dominant player. If the total amount of defenses is your standard of measurement, Matt Hughes will get the nod. Also, if the level of the competition of the champ is a factor, I believe that the majority of people will vote for custom leather belts.

Matt Hughes was and is a UFC legend. He held his title seven times in two separate periods during his time as UFC Welterweight champion. In his first year as champion, he defended five times in a row against fighters like Gil Castillo and Frank Trigg (lol). I’m having a blast here; severely, Matt Hughes has beaten numerous top fighters throughout his long and successful career; however, his list isn’t as impressive as Anderson Silva’s when looking over his lists of custom belts.

After his last bout, He is the only record holder of continuous title fights with the UFC. Despite the undeserved criticism in UFC 97, he is still the UFC Middleweight champ and pound-for-pound the king. When someone next decides to go in his cage and attempt to force his will, I’m betting Anderson will keep dominating. (Read Anderson is the CHAMP!) His record of defenses and the opponents he has beat is fantastic. The “Iceman” is among the most notable titles of defense streaks. In addition to his victory against Randy Couture to gain the title, he also won and held the title for himself by securing five consecutive TKO victories. Randy, Tito, Jeremy Horn, and Renato Soral all succumbed to the strong hand of Chuck during his time as Custom Championship Belts. Malesich began his UFC debut during UFC 16 and won the first UFC Lightweight Tournament. In 2001 the UFC changed their weight class rules, introducing the Welterweight.