Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Going through the divorce process can be difficult for most couples. Some issues can arise and lead to severe disputes between the spouses involved, making the situation even more stressful and more emotionally draining than it already is. If you are in this situation, you may find relief as you go through the process when you engage a divorce attorney that can you find at https://www.karplawfirm.com/locations/appleton/. A great lawyer can give legal guidance and caring support to their clients. If you are in a high-conflict divorce, there are ways you can get through it:

How Conflicts Arise in a Divorce

If you decide to end your marriage by filing a divorce, there are some issues you should resolve, so a judge can issue a final order. A high-conflict divorce may occur when you and your spouse disagree about such issues or from other situations that surround your marriage’s breakup. These issues include disputes over how marital property and debts are split, disputes over who will care for the children, spousal support, domestic abuse allegations, and others. Also, conflicts can occur because of accusations of marital misconduct including addiction and adultery, general bitterness toward one spouse, as well as a spouse’s refusal to acknowledge the severity of the situation or to take part in the divorce process. 

How to Protect Yourself

In cases that involve domestic violence, you should inform your divorce lawyer about it, so they can take appropriate precautions. This can include getting an Order of Protection to limit the ability of your spouse to contact you.

Even if you are not particularly in danger but still face a high-conflict divorce, your mental and physical health can still suffer. To get through this kind of divorce, you should consider limiting contact with your soon-to-be ex, directing all communications to your attorney, not responding to the outburst of your spouse during hearings, keeping realistic expectations, and having a plan for the future in place. Also, it can help to seek therapy when necessary and welcome the support your family and friends can give you. Lastly, you can only get through a high-conflict divorce with fewer impacts on you when you take care of yourself, ensuring you eat healthily and get the needed rest. 

A high-conflict divorce can involve a roller coaster of emotions. Thankfully, you can rely on your divorce attorney for legal guidance and support. They can provide you with expert representation during this challenging time.