Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

A+ Content Manager or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a section on Amazon that allows Amazon Vendors and Brand Registered Sellers to add additional rich media content to their detail page. Sellers can now add engaging content which can visually represent their product in addition to the standard 6 or 7 Images that can be added to the product. 

The high quality images along with the rich text brings life to the product. Amazon Vendors or Sellers can choose from 17 predefined layouts provided by Amazon. These layouts can be image only, Image + text, multiple images + text and comparison chart. A maximum of 5 modules can be added per A+ page. 

The A+ content manager helps showcase your products better, grabbing the shoppers attention and skimming for information either through the images of someone using the product or through the logos that represent the niche of the product. This helps in enhancing the brand perception for the consumer, additional details provided about the product and the brand in this section translates to quicker decision-making for the consumers. Amazon estimates that the conversion rate increase through A+ pages is around 7%. 

Amazon also has an additional section known as Brand Story where the sellers have 4 modules to choose from to showcase their Brand. In this section, this module helps sellers improve their brand visibility through Logo, Logo + Description, Q&A and ASIN links + Store Page. 

Recently Amazon opened Premium A+ page opportunities for sellers meeting the following criteria. The Access to Premium A+ is granted at the end of each month. Sellers will be notified if the below criteria is met. 

  1. All of the ASINs in the catalog must contain published A+ Brand Story.
  2. The Seller must have at least 15 A+ Content project submissions in “Approved” status within the past 12 months.

The Premium A+ content will have 2 additional modules making it a total of 7 modules per A+ page. The modules part of this premium A+ page is different from the standard A+ Page and has features such as Video, Video + text, Premium comparison tables, radio buttons for hot spots and Premium navigation carousel. 

An Example of a Premium A+ page can be viewed here when compared to a normal A+ Page and Brand Story

The main objective of your EBC is to emphasize aspects and applications of your items that will aid consumers in understanding what they are about to purchase. Customers who are satisfied with your items and want to refer them to others will appreciate your EBC’s transparency. By giving consumers a more enhanced visual experience and assisting them in making a better informed decision before they buy is the most effective way to use the EBC section. It can boost your conversion rates and lower the number of dissatisfied consumers whose expectations weren’t met. It is worthwhile to include a robust EBC section on your Seller Central Listings because it benefits both you and the customer.

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