Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

If you’re an avid Google Maps user, you might have noticed that some of your contacts have badges next to their names on the map. These badges represent Local Guides on Google Maps, where users contribute content about specific locations to share with other users of the app. Google offers many different types of badges to Local Guides, all of which serve different purposes and provide different benefits to the person who earned them.

Who are the local guides, what do they do?

Local Guides are a group of people who contribute to Google Maps by improving content and helping travelers find their way around. These contributors provide information such as photos, reviews, and ratings in addition to sharing travel stories. The more contributions you make, the higher your level will be! There are four levels: Level 1 (Explorer), Level 2 (Contributor), Level 3 (Expert) and Level 4 (Master).

As you increase in level, your ability to edit content in Maps improves. For example, an expert can delete or update incorrect info on maps while a master can even change the name of a place! Plus, as you move up through the levels, you’ll be able to see things that other guides won’t be able to see like changes made by other contributors.

What kind of rewards do they get?

One reward is access to new Google products before they are released. Local Guides also receive cool perks like first access to tickets for events near them and behind-the-scenes tours at popular destinations.  And don’t forget about all those badges you can earn along the way!

Each badge has its own meaning and different levels within each badge. If you complete certain tasks, like adding 10 photos, you might earn a Photojournalist badge. By continuing to edit maps and write reviews, some local guides have earned badges like Sightseer, Traveler, and Tripper.

Can being a local Google Guide help with SEO?

If you’re a local business owner and have signed up for Google My Business, then you’ve likely heard about Google’s Local Guide program. It all starts with signing up to be a guide and then progressing through different levels from explorer to specialist and then to expert.

Along the way, you’ll get badges that show your level of participation and contributions. You can also unlock benefits for your business like discounts or freebies in return for reviews or photos of your establishment. The downside is that being a local Google Guide doesn’t help with SEO at all.

Why Google Local Guides?

There are a lot of reasons to become a Google Local Guides. The first is that it’s fun and rewarding. You’ll get to explore new places and meet awesome people while helping out at the same time! And if you’re already passionate about local businesses, this is an opportunity for you to share that passion with others and help them find your favorite spots.

You can also make a difference in your community by becoming an ambassador for local business owners who need support. Finally, as a member of the organization, you can work alongside other committed members to make changes in your city or region!

Bottom Line

Ever wanted to make a local difference? Now you can. Become a guide and inspire the world with your contributions and engagement in your community by documenting what makes it unique! There are badges, too: explore, submit, contribute and engage. It’s a great way to learn more about where you live and share that knowledge with everyone else in our global community. Learn more about google local guides at our blog on badge local Guide.