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It’s possible to start playing online and video games these days with a minimal amount of tech and accessories. But for the hardcore gamer, the convenience of accessing your favorite titles on your smartphone isn’t enough. You’ll want the full experience, whether that’s delivered by a state-of-the-art console or, even better, a fully optimized gaming PC.

When setting up a gaming PC, there are some items that you’re going to need. These include a decent-sized monitor or screen, a high-end graphics card, and a sturdy keyboard plus mouse that will stand up to some serious use. But to get the most out of your gaming setup, there are one or two other essentials that you might easily overlook.


A quality headset that combines over-ear headphones with a built-in microphone is a crucial piece of kit for the serious gamer. You’ll enjoy superior sound quality and will be able to crank up the volume at any time of day or night without incurring the wrath of the rest of your household. 

The microphone will come into its own if you need in-game communication, voice commands, or just social chat with other players. The whole setup will also prove invaluable when you’re enjoying new live dealer games on your favorite casino website. 

Gaming desk

Sure, you’ve got your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers, but what do you put them on? Any old work desk might do for part-timers, but if you’re going to be putting in some marathon hours, you need a specialized gaming desk. This will have plenty of room for all your peripherals, including the option of a second monitor or backup laptop, and will be adjustable in height so that you can sit or stand comfortably. 

A gaming desk should also include a cable management system to keep all those trailing wires and leads ordered and out of sight. It should also allow the best arm and wrist positioning to avoid strain and maximize your performance. 

Gaming chair

If you’ve got your gaming desk, you need to pair it with a gaming chair. This is essential for long sessions as it will allow you to play in an optimal posture, improving comfort and reducing the risk of back or neck injury. Your gaming chair should be fully adjustable and include head and neck support, flexible armrests, and a supportive mesh back. 

Many people see a good gaming chair as a luxury item, but in fact, it’s something you can’t do without if you want to avoid serious health problems in the future.

Monitor arm

Placing your monitor on a monitor arm lets you adjust its height and distance to your ideal level. It will give you better eye-hand coordination, so you’ll improve your game, and you’ll react quicker as you play more comfortably. A monitor arm also helps you achieve better posture, reducing the risk of back or neck injury and eye strain.

There are many optional extras that you can add to your basic gaming setup, but these are the ones you should consider first. Soon you’ll have a games room fit for a champion.

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